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  Portion of the Robinsons-owned Dumaguete Transport Terminal whose dry run is now going on, but with much opposition from the City Council claiming the interest of the general welfare is allegedly compromised. The Council is set to make a thorough review before passing an ordinance enforcing the same. Dry run lasts for two months. (Photo by Marifee Fabillar)  

Transport dry-run hits major snag

It was intended to succeed , even before it actually took off the ground, except for the series of snags that obstructed the current two-month dry-run of a major traffic rerouting scheme—with all roads leading to the new Dumaguete Transport Terminal at the Robinsons Place mall.

The Dumaguete City Council overwhelmingly voted to pass a resolution asking the Mayor to order the Traffic Management Council and Traffic Management Office to “cease and desist” from continuing the dry-run on traffic re-rerouting of the North/South/West bound public utility jeepneys and multicabs to the newly established P 25 million integrated transport terminal facility at the back of Robinsons Mall.

Under an existing city ordinance, the Traffic Management Council headed by the city mayor is to propose significant traffic rerouting changes and secure a City Council approval before any dry run is to be conducted about the proposed changes.




Not once and twice, the new chief of police, when he took his oath or declared his duties whatever, mentioned that he was in the City of Mandaue, instead of in Dumaguete. City Fiscal Ely Escorial, who was in the turnover, was not impressed with the apparent lack of focus by the new chief-of-police. How focused can he be on crime-busting?
When asked, he confirmed that the city mayor gave his endorsement on James Goforth, who sounds American in name but very parochially Filipino. We do not know his talents yet; he better do his best in this very critical city of gentle people. He has two years to do it.

WE blame the Comelec in allowing candidates to campaign early, especially over the tri-media . This is the first time in history of Philippine elections. That is why so much trash and vulgar language is heard, even months before elections. Of course, this will help people to find out who are the mediocre. The winnables are the less vocal and showbiz types. Those who have nothing in their heads except money in their pockets are the more noisy ones. Soon, they will nosedive as election approaches.



THE CITY council has voted in a resolution to study further the current traffic dry-run, which uses the privately owned jeepney terminal as the city’s compliance to the mandated integrated bus terminal system.

This practical substitute for an integrated bus terminal of the government is an important indication that the city is now growing, and chaos and confusion are nearing the stage in the traffic nightmare every single day in the city’s major thoroughfares, especially during rush hours in the morning and evening.

However, the stigma of politics seems to cause the traffic dry-run to hit a major snag. This is not a confirmation, but a strong and obvious suspicion that politics is again trying to take its toll on a matter which is vital to public interest, which is the city’s traffic worsening congestion.

The issue is that jeepneys and buses from the north are opposing the transport dry-run because they have yet to drive the extra kilometer to Robinsons instead of just dropping and picking up passengers in downtown Dumaguete. Robinsons is not quite located in the center of the city but more in the south, nearer the Don Bosco school. That is why not all jeepneys and buses are participating in the dry-run.

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