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  Queenie floods but less fury. MIGHTY BANICA displays its controlled fury amidst watchful eyes of ready disaster rescuers; at right is the Calabnugan bridge in Sibulan which was almost “ripped” by typhoon Queenie though not so hard. (PHOTO BY CHOY GALLARDE)  

      P25M spy cams loan hits snag    

The City Government is still in the process of complying with the requirements of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, seeking substantial compliance with how the City is responding to various recommendations of the Commission on Audit on Dumaguete’s financial discrepancies, based on the COA’s latest audit report.

This is in relation to the DBP-approved loan of P25Million which will be used by the City to improve its crime-fighting capabilities, specifically to purchase and install 36 CCTV cameras in strategic places with a central monitor in city hall.

All these requirements must first be complied with by the City before the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) can give the clearance as to the City’s capacity to borrow and repay such huge amount of loan, for its peace and order drive. And then, the Bangko Sentral will finally give the go signal to the DBP to release the money.

The City Peace and Order Council headed by the Mayor has gotten the imprimatur of the City Council for such loan...



The real truth of the matter is that Government does not want to disclose its financial interests to the public in violation of the advocacy of transparency. What are they really trying to hide from the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill which was just approved by the House and is up for bicameral deliberations?

From the standpoint of journalists, the Houseapproved Freedom of Information bill runs short of expectations in that so many exceptions virtually prevent government from the mandatory disclosure of important public documents of public interest.

The bottom line is, Government generally does not want to disclose where government money goes, and how our taxes are spent,, because of so many exceptions for public disclosure.

While we still have to read a copy of the FOI bill it is getting clearer that this law does not have the total spirit of transparency. Again, if passed it is still difficult to make a paper tracer on financial government transactions.

Our expectations would have been that once the FOI bill is passed, people can just fill out a form, like in a library, seeking information on fiscal matters mostly, and in a zippy, the FOI bill should be ready with answers to all questions. But not so, because as reported, it has become even more difficult to get our desired information.



So nice to hear the news that Dumaguete City is among the first five cities –in the world—as the best places for retirement.

But hey, let’s first check WHO are those retiring here, do they have clean records? That is the most important amenity and policy our City Government should consider before we citizens feel proud for such a distinction.

This observation and warning come close to the heels of the arrest by the NBI of an American this past week (see related story in this issue), who was enjoying his sweet retirement here, yet, was in fact a wanted person, and a long fugitive of justice in Florida, U.S.A.

When arrested by the NBI team from Manila in coordination with the local NBIs, the fugitive was promptly whisked out of the city on board the first flight to Manila for the NBI there to deport him out to Florida.

Of course before the courts here and there, he is innocent until proven otherwise. We are not to judge the man, our visitor. He is entitled to due process everywhere.

"Dont be a turtle,
remove that shell of selfishness; start serving
the needy."


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Miss Dgte 2014 Malka Shaver

"If I win Miss Dumaguete, the first thing I would do in order to optimize tourism, sports, culture, and the arts in the city is to request for a meeting among head of various offices to explore the possibility of putting up a Miss Dumaguete Foundation. That way, I will hopefully be able to reach out to many people and make real the goals of the city in promoting Dumaguete...
Blood mystery

Maybe someone can explain it to me. I do not understand. It can not be a cultural thing because the Mayor of Bias City created one. Why are people in Dumaguete City against having a functional blood donor program? Failure to have an effective blood donor program has already cost two lives; two unnecessary deaths. And those are just the ones...

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