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National Archery Cup in Dumaguete. Some 600 top archers all over the Philippines joined the recently concluded National Archery Cup here at the Perdices Oval. It was another tourism opportunity for visitors to appreciate and reschedule their return visit to this University town.
  OCTOBER 02, 2016 EDITION  

      Food for calamity dumped by DSWD!    


A dump-truck full of expired food commodities intended for victims of calamities and disasters worth thousands of pesos were dumped at the Candau-ay dumpsite sometime this September because these were already “expired” and rotting at the DSWD city social welfare office. Why were these food times not properly stored, inventoried and properly disposed?

A full blown investigation is in the offing following revelations that some officials in the Department of Social Welfare and Development disposed at the dump site undetermined bags of rice, canned goods and mineral water for victims of calamity without proper inventory and documentation.

What alarmed the Dumaguete City Councilors was the seeming suspicious and...




First it was the lost police bulletproof vests worth P300.000 which are still vanished in thin air and nobody is looking hard enough for it, except perhaps congressman Chiquiting. Let’s help him locate it. Bimbo too should help look for it.

Now it’s a dump truck full of donated food for calamity and disaster evacuation food that are lost. But these can be found dumped upon DSWD orders at the dumpsite in Candau-ay. The payloader driver Julie can attest to it that he was the one ordered to dump it. Let Alan Gel and Joe Ken and Manny Arb join the search. Julie can locate the spot for them. He just did tell us when we got there Thursday.

Strange but these very precious food like sacks of rice, canned goods, sardines, bottled water, all for emergency evacuation have “expired” and were better thrown away. How irresponsible!




The most effective way to hunt noisy motorcycles is not to catch them and chase them in the streets especially in the wee hours of the morning. But the best way to catch noisy motorcycles is when these are parked in malls, in sidewalks, in the markets and places of work where they are virtual sitting ducks.

All the enforcers have to do is to move around and inspect those parked motorcycles and look for tampered and adulterated silencers and mufflers.

Thereupon when sighted as parked, these will be chained unto themselves so when the owner returns they cannot move it. This is the easiest way and the fastest to establish with fairness, a prima facie case against violators. That will be the time when traffic enforcers will confront them and challenge the owners to start their motors and see if these are noisy or not. In most likelihood when the silencers are tampered, these usually small 50cc motorbikes will be very noisy and liable for the ordinance violations.



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