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  Sen. Cayetano with Dumaguete people’s representatives  
  OCTOBER 04, 2015 EDITION  

      Diocese mourns priest’s murder    

he entire diocesan clergy of Negros Oriental is in mourning for the murder of a young priest, the first experience of this diocese of a brutal tragedy in the Diocese of Dumaguete.

First murder of a barrio parish priest happened in Palanas, Tanjay, on the same day the fourth lawyer was killed in line of duty in Negros Oriental, all still virtually unsolved. But the priest murderer is now wounded in both legs for resisting arrest.

Diocesan clergy president Fr Eric Lozada confirmed the treacherous fatal stabbing at the back of Fr. Tony Magalso, 40 years old, a native of Bonawon, Siaton, by an assassin whom police described as a mentally-bothered father whose son allegedly committed suicide recently and was not properly given a Catholic burial rites. The suicide happened years back during the watch of a certain Fr Pomada, who was Fr Magalso’s predecessor. The father of the victim vowed revenge.

The murder could be possibly due to non understanding of Church policies on suicide cases. Clergymen say that Catholic burial rites for suicide victims are to be made outside the Church premises...
  Indignation rally

The board of officers and directors and members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Negros Oriental chapter, will hold an indignation rally on Tuesday October 6, condemning the murder of the 4th lawyer in Negros Oriental who died in line of duty. The march starts from the Piapi Hall of Justice, 5pm, to end at the Freedom Park rally.



Strange coincidences but quite relevant. Any student of geopolitical science can come up with a valid suspicion that a Duterte- Cayetano tandem for the presidency and vice presidency could be part of a grand plan.

We have a crimebuster for president and a graftbuster for a vice president and both are lawyers in their own right. The Inquirer immediately noticed that Bongbong Marcos is now pursuing Duterte, but who had Cayetano in mind all along.

In any election, American stakeholders are always in the sidelines watching with keen interest, the American interest. A Duterte-Cayetano tandem is just what American stakeholders want. Of course we can be very wrong. And so can the others.

We have a Chinese threat in the west Philippine sea. Who could be the strongest Filipino president who can handle this future inevitable crisis? Roxas? Binay? Poe? Duterte? Try to analyze.

For the Liberal administration party we still guess that in the end, it will be PNOY who will run as Mar’s vice president for the sake of the Nation— —and himself. As vice president, PNoy will be immune from plunder charges. That’s for sure.



It has been a bloody street-killing the past week in this capital city of Dumaguete.

Mayor, is Dumaguete still the best place for tourists to retire?

Last Tuesday, a new priest was about to say a fiesta mass in far-flung Santa Cruz Viejo in Tanjay when a man stabbed him fatally in the back. The first priest-murder in the diocese, now in mourning.

By noontime same day, a former public attorney was mercilessly gunned down in Bayawan , still in his working polo barong, and just after he stepped out of the court room. Adding ignominy, two more fatal shots were pumped into his body.

Upon the assumption of the new chief of police, four police assets were assassinated in city streets within the last three months. No arrests of hot suspects.

Previously, six police assets were fatally gunned down:

An NBI asset was fatally shot near Foundation; a REACT member killed in Candayong; an ex-policeman shot dead near perpetual church; an ex-jailguard, involved in drugs became an asset and was killed Friday dawn in Candawinonan, reports ace radio TV reporter Choy Gallarde.

“If God retains
your burdens, He always gives enough strength
to bear them.”



This has reference to the editorial on your paper’s September 20, 2015 issue, which at tributed a statement to the undersigned that went: “Dagoy says that while she has no problem winning this elections…”

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A Pastoral Response to the Acceptance of Homosexual Lifestyle And the Legalization of Homosexual Unions...
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Last Tuesday in my radio program Pinagpalang Bayan ng Diyos (109.8 AM, 9- 10am) I discussed angels since on the 29th we celebrated the Feast of the Archangels and on Oct 1 in the liturgy we would remember our Guardian Angels...

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