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  Power summit by chamber. Energy Sec. Jericho Petilla meets with businessmen and power stakeholders Friday night, briefing them on the entire power situation in Negros Oriental with Energy Sec Jericho Petilla; below LR Vice Gov Mark Macias, Sec Petilla, Gov Roel Degamo; Mayor Edgar Teves and City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria.  
  OCTOBER 05, 2014 EDITION  

      B. Regents suspend NORSU president    

The l2-man board of regents of the Negros Oriental State University has preventively suspended NORSU President Dr Don Vicente Real for ninety days (90) last Friday in a meeting in Manila according to Rep Henry PrydeTeves in a cellphone interview with the CHRONICLE.

Consequently, the NORSU board of regents chaired by CHED Commissioner MinellaAlarcon has appointed NORSU administrative head Dr Peter Dayot as OIC president until such time of the preventive suspension of Real.

Although there are a string Rep. PrydeTeves described as “anomalous transaction of 40 sets of speech laboratory facility costing P6.9Million plus five other similar sets in separate amounts in other campuses which are now under investigation.”....



Still deeply contaminated by the gentle-people-culture of Dumaguete the local media aborted what could have been an all-out boycott of the Energy Development Corporation EDC's inaugural story Friday of its brand new 49.4 megawatt geothermal plant in Nasulo, Valencia. Coming in full force the Dumaguete Press Radio Club and the KBP member stations were represented upon EDC's invitation at the plant site some 37 kilometers way up in the mountains of Nasulo.

But when the media press conference was held separately at the second floor of the plant, the local media were apparently not given the courtesy of shooting questions to the energy secretary and the president of EDC. So the entire local media team walked out of the press conference.

This reporter, who was left behind because the press con started at mid-lunch, when informed of the boycott immediately confronted the energy secretary Jericho Petilla and EDC president Ricky Tantoco…..and was granted by the two gentlemen, an exclusive press conference only with the local media and right in the table of the press and broadcast people. We were honored by Dept of Energy Sec JerichoPetilla and EDC President Ricky Tantocowho both granted the Dumaguete Press Radio Club and some KBP newsmen , an exclusive press conference about geothermal and power concerns during the Nasulo geothermal plant inauguration last Friday.

It was as relatively lengthy one and was aired in full by DYEMfm BAI RADIO 96.7mhz.

When DYSR's Roy Buzz told us (while we were still taking lunch) that some local newsmen were walking out of that presscon at the geothermal site, I waited for Sec Jericho Petilla from the second floor , to go back to his seat. Then I asked him (Sec. Petilla) personally for a huddle with the local media, which he immediately granted. And so did EDC president Ricky Tantoco . All local media newsmen were able to exhaust all questions and only then did the visitors wrapped it up.



It takes passion and capital to engage in a successful business venture. But there are a few exceptions where I without capital, sheer passion can be in tandem with business acumen, translated as common sense. But certainly , without passion, nothing will happen.

Anyhow, the overflow of patients at the provincial and even in the two private hospitals in the city would lead to the inevitable conclusion that another hospital or two, run by the private sector with enough capital and passion for it, will make not only a successful business venture, but a welcome respite for a community desperately in need of one.

"For marriage to
survive, spouses must
kill ones’ pride and let
humility reign."


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“World Tourism Day”

In what may be considered as an unprecedented feat as the “only city in the country celebrating World Tourism Day” last Saturday, September 27, to quote Tourism Assistant Secretary for Regulation, Coordination, and Resource Generation....
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