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  11yr old Joanna takes a deep look at her slain father. At right, PO1 Jay Carpinter’s simple, happy and gentle family. Volunteer teacher Rodelita will now be solo in rearing their two children with Jay the main breadwinner gone. They need our support.  

QRT policeman killed by gang?

Was the brutal killing of a young police team player of the Quick Response Team of the PNP a retaliation by a robbery gang from Mindanao who failed in robbing the Agencia Belen of a multi million peso loot recently?

The “resbak” theory in the shooting to death of a police officer in Dumaguete is being looked into by Task Force Carpintero which was formed after Tuesday night’s assassination-ambush where PO1 Jay Carpintero, a member of the Quick Response Team (QRT) was gunned down and his issued baby armalite rifle taken away by the shooter.

City PNP chief P/Supt James Goforth, however, said the task force is still looking into other possibilities, along with the motive of plainly going after agaw-armas of the long firearm of the police officer.



Dumaguete needs one more mall

It’s now inevitable, Dumaguete, the ever booming and growing community needs
another big mall, because malling has now become part of the city life in

The monstrous traffic, the congestion in parking spaces, the irrational drivers, still the remaining few narrow streets, are clear ingredients that we NEED TO DISPERSE becaue the central downtown area has become very, very crowded and congested.

We used to have visionaries at city hall. Now they are all gone. We have yet to hear a city councilor, or mayor, or vice mayor to see a vision of Dumaguete ten years from now. It will just be too unimaginable if we do not open new frontiers out there in the very vacant and vast area of the metro.

It will be less viable for new stores like Robinsons to be opening in downtown areas where there is not enough parking space.
Our parking boys for motorbikes have become experts in orderliness, thanks to them. I just love to see the orderly parking of motcycles downtown. But they’re just too many and too crowded.



The entire city laments over the loss of this one good police officer in the person of PO1 Jay Carpintero, a silent, hard working, dedicated, policeman, husband and father.

He was gunned down in cold blood last Tuesday early evening while with his teacher -wife whom he just fetched from Candau-ay school on board his motorbike. His wife Lita suffered 4 gun shot wounds as she covered her husband whom the killer wanted to finish without mercy even when he was down. His armalite was taken. The wife is now in the hospital ICU.

The entire police force is up in manhunt over the duo who must have studied his usual route and pattern because the execution of the crime appeared to be the handiwork of a hired killer who simply had no feeling and mercy, just for the money.

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"Dear Lord,
Do You get mad?
My mother gets mad all the time but she is
only human.
Yours truly,
David - Age 8"


Dear Editor,

We don’t exactly favor the president digging for cans of worms of his predecessors when he should be living in the present fixing his own household which he admits is also full of worms.

Firstly, when PNOY was bombarded with criticisms about his Discretionary Acceleration Program DAP, he suddenly resurrected the alleged anomalies of his predecessor via the Malampaya plunder. But the fact is the president might, timely or untimely smokescreen the fact that he gave, rewarded or provided P50M to P100Million to those senator judges who incidentally voted to convict the chief justice in his impeachment trial , and , gave zero to the three who voted against impeaching Corona.

Again the issue of bribery whether before or after the fact, which has even been taken up , is immaterial, except the actual giving by the millions, of unspent funds.


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