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  EARLY BIRDS Rep. JOSY LIMKAICHONG led her flock of Liberal Party candidates, both for the province and city, in filing their COCs. Seen are Kag. Tony Remollo, Agustin “TinChu” Perdices and others.

NPC COALITION with UNA: (L-R) Rep. George Arnaiz, 2nd district for reelection, Herminio G. Teves, and Gary Teves for Governor; with them in the coalition is former Rep. Jerome Paras of the first district, who have common mayoral & LGU candidates in the first district with the Teves and Arnaiz group.


The big political clans of Negros Oriental, namely the Teves-Arnaiz-Paras “dynasties,” have merged their political forces and formed a common alliance in the first district, fielding common candidates in a display of political strength.

Incumbent Rep. Josy Limkaichong appeared unfazed by this coalition of forces in what she called “traditional politicians” who cannot rely on their own strengths.

Some analysts say, the traditional political clans have delivered a “master stroke,” which, they believe, could tilt the balance in the political extravaganza in the May elections of next year.




The campaign period, although would yet start on March 29 next year and February 12 for senatorial candidates, have virtually started, and the Comelec seems to be tolerant about it, and so is the media, and even the people.

The candidates and their handlers, after all these years, have already known how to circumvent those Comelec guidelines. Besides, one cannot really stop the locals from campaigning because one’s victory or defeat circumvents right around the neighborhood.

The political playing field has virtually changed in this coming political exercise. The coalitions have gone, although in the first district, it is still inevitable. Two parties had to consolidate their forces because of the strength gathered by another party through the two years.



The reason among others why we cannot get the best potentials to run for public office is because elections in the Philippines means money to buy votes.

The reason why candidates have to buy votes is because voters lack enough education to discern that vote-buying breeds corrupt public officials with a few exceptions. Therefore, lack of sufficient education is the root cause of poor brands of elective public officials who dare run for public office . Maybe some of them know that inside government, if you know how, it is easy to be dishonest and make money.

Moreover, our government has persistently failed if not refused to improve the quality of education in our country. IN the meantime, the student population increases every year, because there is no effective and responsible family planning. When parents do not plan their families, their children come at the wrong time when most parents cannot afford to raise healthy children, much more, well-educated siblings.

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