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  TOP SURVEY GROSSERS Presidential GRACE POE and Vice Presidential CHIZ ESCUDERO answered hard questions from the members of the Dumaguete Press Club and KBP Chapter here during a mega press conference at the Bethel Guest House last Friday.The team came from a campus and market visit . After the two-hour press conference the party left for Roxas city by private plane, for another political sortie.  
  OCTOBER 11, 2015 EDITION  

      PNP orders review of all street killings    

The Philippine National Police Regional Office-7 has ordered PNP investigators throughout the region to thoroughly review and update all unsolved street killings in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

This came amidst public outcry among citizens , families of victims , survivors and stakeholders alike who took turns during last Tuesday’s indignation rally at the Freedom Park against unsolved street killings over the past years, in cities like Bayawan and Dumaguete killing both high and low profile victims.

This was confirmed by Dumaguete City chief of police, PSupt Jovito Atanacio, in his message during the indignation rally initiated by Negros Oriental Integrated Bar Chapter in protest against the Sept 29 murder of a brother-lawyer Atty. Ramon Elesteria who was shot and killed in broad daylight in front of the Regional Trial Court branch in Bayawan City, September 29, 2015.

As per directive of PRO-7 regional director PChief Supt Prudencio “Tom” Banas, all investigators on respective unsolved case will be sent to Cebu on Oct. 20...



If you did not vote in the last two elections, you as a citizen who has this constitutional right to choose your leaders , will automatically be barred from exercising your right to vote , for good. The action of the Comelec is summary, and is devoid of due process. This is not fair, and this is not just.This massive purging of the voters list of those who died and those who failed to vote in the last two elections regardless of what reasons, has effectively delisted 430,000 names from the voters list and that is not a small number.

But dura lex sid lex, the law is harsh but such is the law.And this law in our opinion needs to be amended because to remove one’s right or duty to vote without knowing why you failed to do so, is an act of injustice.First, the voter who failed to vote twice might have justifiable reasons like being sick, being assigned to another place of work, on election day, valid emergency cases, security threat, or being out of the voting area during election day for a valid reason, etc. The bottom line is the poor voter is not asked to explain why he failed to vote.

The verdict of the Comelec under the Omnibus Election Code is summary and smacks of arbitrariness.On the side of the law, this automatic delisting of voters due to death and failure to vote twice, is a safety measure so as not to give flying voters the opportunity to use the non-voting-voters’ names to vote more than once. In many hinterland barrios, many are even paid NOT TO VOTE, many are even abducted in safe houses, lest they cast their votes in favor of opposing candidates.



Tomorrow, October 12, would seem to be the opening salvo of the election season with the nationwide filing of the certificates of candidacy (COCs) by all candidates from the president down to the last councilor.

It makes our hair stand hearing very noble slogans chanted by politicians presenting their holier-than-thou images when most, if not many, of them are just there for three kinds of reasons: those who are sincerely running because they really want to serve, even if they are just the minority among those with “noblier” intentions; those who want to make money thru manipulation of public funds; and those who pass their corrupt legacies to their children, due to the non passage of the law that prohibits political dynasties. So here we go again to celebrate the country’s biggest money-making industry: elections!

We don’t know if it is true here in Negros Oriental and Dumaguete City. The voters out there should know better. We can only speculate. But generally, we do not have incorrigible corrupt officials, — only corruptible systems and policies, victimizing “innocent” politicians who claim their signatures for plunder, were forged.

“The first step to
true wisdom is a reverent and respectful attitude towards God.”


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