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  Evacuees at the Bayawan and Norsu gymn await help. Children in Pal-ew did great bayanihan spirit by piling rock walls . (Photo by Judy Partlow)  

Baha sa Bayawan: 6 dead; 3 missing; 11,000 displaced

For the first time in the history of this grand-slam awardee city for disaster preparedness, most of the city of Bayawan for two days was virtually under waist–deep water Sunday and Monday, as flash floods triggered by the inter tropical convergent zone and habagat forced two days of heavy downpour without letup.

This resulted in 7 dead with two in Dumaguete, 3 missing and 11,000 dispalced persons whose houses were mostly swept by the unexpected floods last Sunday.

Todate, a total of 7 persons were confirmed dead, five in Bayawan and two from Dumaguete.

Gov. Roel Degamo was conspicuously all over the flooded areas starting on day one, even as his official car got stucked in the middle of the Sicopong river and in Pal-ew in Tanjay prompting residents to do bayanihan help in pulling out the stranded governor’s car.

DYEM-FM Bai Radio’s coverage team was posted by the governor who kept on reporting situationers from the field via his cellphone. He was also supervising evacuation at the Norsu gymnasium which housed thousands of evacuees.



Preparedness is priority;
even God emphasizes this

It was the unpredictable weather and climate change that caught Bayawan city flat footed on a two-day massive rain and flood. Similarly in 2012, typhoon Sendong, even if without much wind, caught Dumaguete flat footed within just TWO HOURS of rain that damaged millions worth of properties,and lives .

The weatherman is right: “ sapagkat ang buhay ay “weather-weather” lang.
Solution: be prepared for any eventuality. There is no substitute for preparedness.. Pearl Harbor was a hard lesson on preparedness. Even journalists have to be prepared for any eventuality and our lives, ready for the supreme sacrifice. For God has given us a purpose-driven life.

He has plotted our days long before we were born. This includes the PDAF super stars. We have a God of justice and mercy. To Him we lift our past, present and future. He made and owns us. He doesn’t owe us anything. We are at his mercy all the time. Try reading Luke 17: about servanthood.



The city of Bayawan seems to tell the world that they can handle rehabilitation of 11,000 displaced people and homes in last week’s unprecedented flood in this new city in the south.

This was intimated to us by the Local Red Cross who offered their signature product which is rehabilitation and relief assistance. We have yet to confirm the report of the Red Cross that their team who motored to bayawan to offer possible assessment and assistance were politely declined.

Anyhow, relief and rehabiltaition will continue despite the resistance of some local leaders.

Major institutions, like the city government, the state university with 25,000 enrolees in both campuses; Silliman University thru the Silliman Church; the Dumaguete Press Club; and DYEM-FM Bai Radio are coordinating with the Red Cross as well as other radio and cable TV stations.

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"What matters
more than length of life
is where you'll spend eternity."


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