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  Sixteen bishops from the Visayas region were eager to meet again after two decades of “lull”even as they promised to make this regional pastoral assembly a regular part of their calendar. The Bishops decided to settle the monthly allowances of priests but host Bishop Cortes politely declined to disclose details. (PHOTO BY MARICAR ARANAS)  
  OCTOBER 19, 2014 EDITION  

      Buglasan opens    

The so-called “Festival of Festivals” which is the Buglasan 2014 has reeled off last Friday night with some of the 18 out of 25 amenity booths from the municipalities and 5 cities still being given few finishing touches.

Aside from hopefully putting our place in the tourism map, the Buglasan festival has also discovered a bevy of talents not nly singers and dancers, but potential great chefs, athletic “iron men” and the reawakening of our rich heritage in culture and the arts.

What should evolve as soon as this festival ends would be the opening of two branches of “pasalubong stores” which have the standards of duty-free shops so that year round, they will be patronized by tourists. Someone among their booth owners should convert the same into ameneties booths at the Freedom Park grounds.

City tourism chief RR Maquiling tries to monitor tourist arrivals and indeed they have increased in coming. Even in the absence of a generally accepted and patronized destination tours, tourists have managed to get around our tourist spots...



The Visiting Forces Agreement a contro versial military agreement between the Philippines and the United States again faces rough times following the murder of a trans gender by an American soldier who are here on military training under the visiting forces agreement.

These incidents of murder and violence by American servicemen is a common occurrence in other countries but here in the Philippines , the murder of a Filipino by an American is not taken lightly and it becomes a national even political issue. This lingering paranoia of Filipinos against its past colonizers continues to be awaken once an injustice such as this happens.

Injustice because: We cannot take custody of or jail American soldiers who murder our people, but in America they can jail our soldiers. No question about civilians.

It is therefore incumbent upon our visitors, as the agreement specifically connotes, VISITING forces , should exercise extra caution and give due respect to the HOST country because the act of one, although isolated and more of an exception, suddenly becomes the rule, all because of past biases and prejudices when before, they were called the American OCCUPYING forces who taught us that “planting rice is never fun” (in the Philippines)— when in fact IT IS FUN to plant rice!



If the closest disciples of Jesus even left Him, one even denied him before men, how much more your good men, how much more your good-weather friends. They could help send you to the gallows. So careful. Here's a classic example:

Jinggoy Estrada is now claiming, he is denied due process because he was not furnished copies of the affidavits of his co-respondents like Jane Tuazon. The rich Tuazons were more than a family friends, she delivered millions of hot money to Estrada personally. Now, when she became a co-accused in the plunder case, Tuazon, spilled the beans to save her own neck, revealed Estrada's corruption secrets, and is now exempt from prosecution via an immunity.

Forgiveness is not
complete unless the
one hurt says
“I forgive you.”


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All roads lead to
Buglasan 2014

In what has been considered as the festival of festivals in Negros Oriental, Buglasan reeled off last Friday for what promises to be an eventful 10-day celebration with the theme, “Community Development Through Tourism. An ecumenical service appropriately opened the celebration at 5 p.m. on Friday at the Provincial...
Non-immigration VISA fees to the U.S. have been increased

Filipinos applying for U.S. nonimmigrant visas will pay higher consular fees after September 12, 2014 as follows: $25 increase. The fee for K or Fiancé(e) visas, a non-immigrant visa category processed by the Immigrant Visa Unit, will increase from $240 to $265, the embassy said. Changes in new immigrant...

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