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  6.2-mag Quake rocks City, NegOr! Several posts in the commercial district almost toppled when the quake came in... patients at the provincial hospital who occupied the parking lot as the 6.2 earthquake shook them all last Tuesday. SILLIMAN MEDICAL CENTER patients rushed out and flocked at the covered lobby.  

P8M for e'quake, flood victims

The city and the provincial governments have pledged cash donations of no less than P8-million as assistance to the earthquake vctims of Bohol and Cebu and also the flood victims of Bayawan, Sta Catalina and Basay.

At the same time, the private sector and civic organizations have also passed the hat to help victims of calamities. The Dumaguete Press and Radio Club, Inc and the KBP chapter stations have cooperated with the Philippine Red Cross in accepting mostly cash donations to the quake and flood victims.

The reasons why cash donatioins are preferred is that the recipients will be able to decide which is their top priority need of the hour. Used clothings have become too bulky and expensive to transport to the affected provinces.



Never before:
2 major Earthquakes upclose

In less than nine months, and never before in local history that Negros Oriental was again struck with TWO major earthquakes within 8 months interval: the first in Feb. 6 which was a direct hit at 6.2 magnitute then last October 15 which was still 6.2 in Negros but the direct hit or epicenter was in Carmen Bohol which shock the province with 7.2 magnitude, including the whole of the Central Visayas.

There are similarities and differences in the scientific observation of the two major tremors. I requested good friend Physics professor Kokkie Ablong at Silliman to write it in this issue so look for its page.

Residents of Bohol in affected areas would no longer want to go back to their homes. They are camping in their yards——just like in Guihulngan and Jimalalud during the Feb 6 tremor here. But mind you, we told our sister station DYRD in Tagbilaran, that in two months or less, the people will start moving back to their old homes because of more inconvenience and difficulties as evacuees. The hardest part post earthquake , is that relocation sites are hard to acquire not because of lack of sellers, but simply because of the voluminous paper works involved, and which no squatter is willing to bother to fill up come what may!



If the February 6 earthquake that hit Negros Oriental cost a damage of P1billion, the earthquake on Tuesday morning, October 16, whose epicenter was in Sagbayan, Bohol of one year and eight months later, was definitely much bigger in magnitude recorded at 7.2 in the Richter scale as compared to Negros Oriental’s 6.9 magnitute last February 6.
Expect therefore close to a billion more pesos in damages because there were more people homeless, more houses damaged, and several infrastructures either collapsed or demolished.

Our latest figures as of last night Oct 19, the total casualties are now 180 persons dead while only 9 died in Negros Oriental’s earthquake. There were 487 persons injured, two of 8 historical churches of Spanish era were completely demolished in Loon and Maribojoc towns, landslides in nine towns while we only had three landslides in the NegOr earthquake; the landslides occurred in Mabini, Cortes, Loon, Sierra Bullones, Calape, Jagna and Garcia Hernandez. Ten bridges were down and five major road arteries isolated many Bohol towns from the other side of town.

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"A good example
has more value than a good advice."


Dear Editor,

May I defer slightly from the Hon. Syrian Consul General Issam Eldebs interview on Negros Chronicle dated Sept. 22, 2013 on “Why Syria has chemical weapons”.

Consul General Eldebs also says, Syria is like Philippines, people are free and liberated (boyag). They are as long as they do not criticize or say anything bad about Pres. Assad. You will go to prison and your Newspaper will be closed right away.

Newspapermen and women in the Philippines are insulting President Benigno Aquino III almost everyday and nothing happens to them. Philippines do not send her army to another country like what Syria did in Lebanon and was forced to withdraw by the United Nations.


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