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  Biometrics voters registration at the mall. A grandmother voter registers via biometrics as she dips her fingers to the machine with ease and joy at the mall last Friday in air conditioned comfort. Most of the unregistered 4000 city voters were expected to show up. At left the lady is focused in filling up the voters forms.  
  OCTOBER 25, 2015 EDITION  

      2 NegOr governors to slug it out here    

Two governors will slug it out in the May 9 elections as to who will occupy the provincial turf at the capitiol. One is reelectionsit Gov. Roel Degamo and the other, balik-governor now Rep George Arnaiz.

Two local coalitions have been sealed to serve as the political vehicles of the two gubernatorial candidates for May 9, 2016 elections after the week-long filing of Certificates of Candidacy in the provincial Commission on Elections Office.

Gov Roel Degamo leads the coalition o the National Unity Party and United Nationalist Alliance while 2nd District Cong. George Arnaiz serves as the standard bearer of the Nationalist People’s Coalition and the Liberal Party of former Congresswoman Josy Limkaichong.

In Dumaguete city, the mayorship will be a toss up between NPC Woodrow Maquiling Sr who is the incumbent vice mayor versus balik-mayor returnee Atty Felipe Ipe Remollo PDP Laban-national party under Sen Koko Pimentel who gave him official endorsement; and a local PDP Dindo Generoso.

Meanwhile, the vice-gubernatorial bets are incumbent Mark Macias and 1st District Board Member Liland Estacion, who switched party from LP to the National Union Party...



It is quite inconceivable how the next urban ized town of Sibualn just six kilometers from this capital city can be robbed for the second time with the culprits using almost the same modus operandi.

Mayor Maning Diputado said, in this case, everybody within the municipal hall is a suspect. The initial conclusion is, the same people or brand of people did it. And inside job is not being discounted as a likely possibility. As if a message is being sent that sibulan’s law enforcement agencies may not be capable enough of foiling this second time robbery in their municipal treasury.

The municipal robbers entered via the roof which was under repair. The carpenter who did not yet finish the job was re-assigned to build the Sibulan Buglasan booth in Dumaguete. This gave the4 municipal robbers the opportune chance to enter the municipal treasury unhampered via the unfinished roof ceiling.



There is a new sectoral group who mix themselves among tour ists whether in small or big public events: mendicants and beggars who come in all forms, big, small babies, infants adults alike.

And even if mendicancy is known to be illegal, nobody seems to lift and finger even from the DSWD nor from the city tourism department, to at least refrain their increasing number from pestering local and foreign tourists. There is always a time for asking and giving.

In the last Buglasan nights and day affairs, media received complaints about mendicants swarming around local and foreign tourists, asking money with the same reason that they need it for the next meal.

Although it is being Christian to be giving to the poor, there is always a time for everything as the Bible says, and that a proper way and time for giving to the poor is always to be regulated by government.

Complaints have it that so many mendicants were roaming around Freedom Park and the Plaza while public entertainment shows were going on.

“The door of
repentance opens to
the halls of joy and reconciliation.”


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