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  Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria,Governor Roel Degamo and Board Member Mariant Villegas cut the ribbon of the both of Dumaguete during the opening of the Buglasan Festival held recently,also in photo Members Erwin Macias, Liland Estacion,City Councilor Tony Remollo and members of Tourism Council in the province.  
  OCTOBER 26, 2014 EDITION  

      CSC backs city hall    

The Civil Service Commission has inclined itself to favor city hall-appointed personnel as those being entitled to government emoluments contrary to the disallowance made by the Commission on Audit based on DBM guidelines.

“Trouble is at one time it is allowed, next time, it is disallowed. This makes the whole operation confusing,” said one city hall executive. Now, the COA wants those casuals given emoluments to return the money worth thousands of pesos because “suddenly DBM does not allow it, and COA is a blind follower.”

The Commission on Audit (CSC) does not investigate as to where the salaries of government employees are being charged, as long as it meets the minimum requirement, they are considered casual plantilla appointments and therefore stand to receive the benefits as provided for under the civil service laws.

CSC regional director Merlinda Quillano told a dialog Monday with employees of the city government of Dumaguete, thatthe commission is not concerned about the charging of the salaries but on at least four requirements to include employees whose salaries were charged to the Maintenance and Other Operation Expenses (MOOE)...



The issues are: Did private first class Joseph Pemberton kill trans gender Jennifer Laude? And Did the vice president Jejomar Binay use people’s money to acquire his alleged super estate?


We do not believe that murder suspect Private Pemberton’s case or the act of killing , had MAINLY to do with the Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippines and the United States. Therefore, the VFA should not be an issue here except in the matter of custody since the crime was committed while the man was on official leave for rest and recreation in a bar in the Philippines. Certainly you cannot just abrogate a major agreement like the VFA just because a small guy violated the law in his personal and private capacity.

Militants and geo politicians are taking this gaymurder too far because their agenda is political while Pemberton’s crime is personal. Trying Pemberton in a Philippine court is a given. What is heaven or hell is not the matter of custody, but rather, his guilt or innocence. Who is to blame if the two agreed to go to bed? And if proven guilty of murder beyond reasonable doubt, he must go to jail. Which jail? That is not the matter at all, because which jail is not the MAIN issue. Trouble is the mob wants to be the judge, jury, and executioner, all in one.....That is not the rule of law.



First they started as close friends, even to the extent to figuratively “scratching each other’s back.” Then suddenly in one instant, the bond became sour and we don’t know if they still consider themselves as that close a friend. So careful, in choosing who are to be your long and lasting friends.

Very recently, Joseph befriended Jennifer and both ended in bed. When Joe discovers Jenny was a trans gender, the romance ended in murder.

Jinggoy and the Tuazons were more than close family friends. She even claims to deliver millions in kickbacks to him in the giant Senate garage. One day, to escape plunder charges, she decides to tell all about Jinggoy’s political enterprise. What happened to friendship? Jinggoy cries foul!

Prideful parents
exasperate their children
and move them
to rebellion.


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Miss NegOr Tourism

A junior Business Management student of Silliman University representing Bais City bested 12 hopefuls and won as Miss Negros Oriental Tourism Friday, Oct. 17 as part of the opening salvo for the 10-day Buglasan Festival of Festivals. Rufina Alea Ferrer Villanueva (Center) immediately became a crowd favorite...
Last-Minute Estate Planning

If you or someone in the family has a terminal illness, bringing up financial and legal matters may seem crass and uncaring. But the right moves in the weeks, days or even hours before death can make life easier for you and your survivors. Although it’s obviously better to plan in advance...

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