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  This is a photo released by the website of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and focused on the islands of Central Visayas. The geophysical conditions of Dumaguete City and Siquijor island tell us that there are blind faults under them (dark-shaded portions). These faults have not been moved for more than five hundred years already. PHIVOLCS should find them. Meanwhile, let us always pray that they will not rupture during our lifetime and the lifetime of the generations to come. God help us! Photo courtesy downloads by Prof Francisco and Delilah Ablong of the Physics Dept of Silliman University and Negor State University NORSU.  

Old fault found in Siquijor-Dumaguete?

Silliman Professor REPORTS

Two university physics professors in Dumaguete city have cited that the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has located and indicated major faults in the sea surfaces of Siquijor island and possibly Apo island all very near the shorelines of Dumaguete City.

The two professors, couple Prof. Francisco “Koki” and Delilah Ablong, both of Silliman University and Negros Oriental State University claim these are old faults of over a hundred years old, but surfaced only now in the USGS maps.

The Phivolcs has been alerted lest it be caught flat footed again. They should be able to monitor early warning signs of activity if any.

This development was also reported to Dr. Art Daag division head of the Phivolcs geology division of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology, who himself was here in Dumaguete at the height of the Feb 6,2012 earthquake in north of Negros Oriental.

Both Ablong and Dr. Daag of Phivolcs in Manila main office were interviewed over DYEM FM Bai Radio’s premier public affairs program “Good Morning Dumaguete!”



Barangay is backbone of
2016 nat’l elections

Let us not underestimate tomorrow’s village election nationwide because the winners will be the backbone of the 2016 presidential campaign. Tomorrow’s winners nationwide can make or unmake the next President of the Philippines. So don’t tell me Binay and Mar did not secretly channel some contributions!

We do not favor the Comelec bleeding the barangay coffers dry by mandating P10,000 from their funds to help pay teachers-watchers in tomorrow’s polls.

If barangays have to help fund tomorrow’s elections, then senators and congressmen –all the more —should do likewise thru their pork barrel . That solves the problem.



He or she may not have a full college education, he or she may not be the richest in the barrio, he or she may have the biggest family in the village, but as a voter you must vote only for the very efficient and HONEST and hard working who will regard his position of barangay captain or councilman as a ministry over and above its being a duty.

Tomorrow, thousands of village leaders will vie to become officials of their barangay, many of whom are running for the money.

Getting an income for the jobless should not be the motive for running in the barangay council. If you think one is running for such purpose, please skip his or her name in the ballot.

VERY IMPORTANTLY: if the incumbent barangay captain is a non performing asset or an NPA, then do not vote for him or her. Change the inefficient and corrupt incumbents.


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