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  Negros Oriental has entered its formal bid to host the next Palarong Pambansa here. We now have enough top of the line sports facilities which can very well be at par with the hosting of national games of such magnitude. We hope to make it.  


Scene of the Crime Operatives, or SOCO, and Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Deputy Director Supt. Alet Virtucio confirmed that the .45 caliber pistol bullet (seen in photo as held by P02 Michael Salvador) used in the murder of businessman Aries Christopher Bejar Alvarez was issued by the government as it bore the headstamp code “RPA,” an acronym which stands for “Republic of the Philippines Arsenal,” produced in Bataan.

Said type of bullet is supposed to be issued only to members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, and other law enforcement agencies, and not to civilians. How it was used in the Alvarez murder is something forensic probers can start with, in relation to various pending cases the victim has filed with some business associates.




What the governor wants, the governor gets. This concerns the controversial proposed loan of P350M from DBP by the province to finance the construction of the charity central block building for indigents at the provincial hospital. It is now inserted as among the investment plans of the province. No question that this is needed, but repaying a non-performing asset is not an easy job. Besides, the project did not get the mandated majority in the provincial board for money measures to pass legislation. Somebody’s smelling technical malversation here, and someone doesn’t mind going to jail so long “kono” that this is done for the poor. Can you violate the law just to help the poor? Where in the world?



The reason, among others, why there is again a resumption of extrajudicial killings in Dumaguete and in the suburbs is because criminal elements believe that in our city of Dumaguete, our set of police enforcers are again not capable of solving such low, and much more, high-profile cases.

The latest of which killing is the murder of the chairman of the City Tourism Council, Aries Alvarez, who was gunned down, Tuesday night, in front of his restaurant along Sta. Catalina Street.

Our city mayor, who is the chief law enforcer in the city, is apparently demoralized with the relief of his choice officer as chief-of-police in an administrative case, which has not yet been resolved until now.

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