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  Rebel returnee Jerome Bilimac (center) voluntarily surrendered today to Gov. Roel Degamo (left) witnessed by 302nd brigade deputy comdr Col Christopher Estella. Bilimac claims he is the machine gunner of the Rachel Mae Palang Command of the NPA. (by Choy Gallarde)  

Pre-audit Pork: George urges

Congressman George Arnaiz of the second district of Negros Oriental strongly suggested that every legislator’s Priority Development Assistance Fund PDAF should be pre-audited by the Commission on Audit COA, before these are released for every implementing line agency of the government.

In a CHRONICLE interview Rep Arnaiz said this pre-audit of PDAF allocations will minimize if not eliminate graft and corruption and its mal-practices today that has caused the plunder of P10-billiion (and more) worth of PDAF funds during the last ten years.


He was also proud to report that ever since his being a congressman, there has been zero-disallowance upon him by the COA. This means that COA never disallowed any expenditure by Rep. George Arnaiz during his entire term of office.
He is now a last termer. He, however, is still evaluating his options if he will run for governor in 2016 since he will be 61 years old by then, although he said, he is still more than able to be a governor again.



They’ll all keep mum – until you’re tired howling

After so much hullaballu , those legislators involved in the pork barrel scam, are keeping silent and mum until the people will be bored and tired of howling, This is an old trick. Let the taxpayers not be burned out in their cry for reforms, — even if it takes forever.

Something positive has to come out of this. After so many wake up calls by Divine intervention, ( like the Pharisees in the past) people continue with their old ways. Let this wake-up call on the billion peso pork barrel scam be the final wake up call until positive reforms can be done for the sake of righteousness.

There should be no more turning back. We thought the EDSA people power of 1986 was it, it was not. People went back to their old dirty ways.

We thought the EDSA 2 was it. No it was not. People went back to their old sinful ways. We thought the 9 coup the attempts and those mutinies were it; no it did not change the culture of corruption a bit;
We thought all those scam exposes In the past did it like GTZ, customs, and others, …. No it did not. Here comes now the P10-billion pork barrel scam, WILL THIS BE IT? Will the people finally pursue the long-need reforms in our system for an honest governance once and for all?



There seems to be an unseen game plan in the surrender of P10B plunder superstar suspect Janet Lim Napoles because of so many circumstantial events supervening her so called voluntary return.

At the same time, urgings to make her a state witness seem to be discouraged by her cohorts in the crime because she could only incriminate her financiers who had been playing the game with her for the last ten conceivable years.

Furthermore, billion-peso-pork scam suspect Janet Lim Napoles does not seem to appear to be the most guilty as she can only be used as a conduit by the principals of the crime.
If Napoles turns state witness, then whoever appears to be the most guilty might not be backed up with hard evidence and everybody will be acquitted then. This possible game plan should be exposed and stopped.

If nobody gets jailed, then the palace will be most embarrassed because such is not the style of the current president who has started the tradition of pulling a president down and convicting no less than the chief justice.

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