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  TARTS: THE HORSE-DRAWN BUGGY RE-LAUNCHED in Dumaguete. Silliman University has provided local tourism entrepreneurs a prototype of an environment-friendly modern day tartanilla. Mayor Sagarbarria, Mr. Kutsero and Dr. Big Ben Malayang endorsing.  


The regional command of the Philipine National Police will handle the internal investigation of two top PNP officers: the city chief-of-police and the anti-drugs special task force head, who were relieved very recently by the provincial command for alleged grave procedural lapses in police operations.

Sr/Supt Caranza told the CHRONICLE that he submitted last Friday the entire record of the case to the regional investigating division of Region 7 command in Cebu for speedy summary investigation. Usually, the regional PNP director makes the final decision.




It is not unusual that we hear comments that we are bias in one way or the other in the handling of public issues; there was even that comment that one politician or two are financing our media outfits; and that we’re just dummies mouthing the thoughts of others.

Excuse me, we are not! Never been and never will be.

One businessman, lawyer and entrepreneur last week wanted to dissociate his disbelief and asked us, as a friend to friend: Is blank the financier of your newspaper and radio station?



It was not a change of heart that made the provincial board officially recall its earlier imprimatur for the governor to sign a P350M loan from the DBP for the central block building for indigents at the provincial hospital.

The simple reason was that it was re-discovered that their internal rules in the Sanggunian provide that all money measures must be approved by the majority of the SP membership, which is 7. Since only 6 voted in favor, the verdict, in effect, was null and void. It could not be implemented, even the proponent admitted. To sue would be an exercise in futility and could be misinterpreted as a vain political effort.

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"God has given
His son to us. Jesus
gave His life for us. What are we giving in response to such incredible generosity?"



The next few days will be critical for many health, economic and population issues in our country. On Aug 28, discussions in Congress resumed on HB 4244 (The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development — RH Bill) and their decisions will have repercussions on Philippine economic and social goals for years to come. The Philippines is seeking to achieve a lower maternal mortality rate of 5 per 1000 live births by 2016 in pursuance of the Global Millennium Development Goals (MDG). This goal is not likely to be achieved if the Bill does not pass Congress.


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