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CRIME BUSTERS. 27 chase motorbikes and 2 Mahindra patrol jeeps are being inspected by their assigned drivers and are now on patrol in the streets of their jurisdictions, says PD PS/Supt Nestor Tiempo. (right)

      PH Federalism to launch here    

Close to 2,000 participants from the province, regions and nation, and all walks of life, who are firm advocates to the shift to a federal form government, will converge at the provincial Conventon Center in Dumaguete City to witness the historic launching of movement that has gone almost moribund before the advent of the current administration.

After the launching, the quest to amend the national Constitution will be debated as to whether it will be thru a Constitutional Convention (Con Con) or a Constituent Assembly (Con Ass)

Several cabinet secretaries will be here like DA Sec Manny Piñol, DILG Sec. Alfredo Sueño, former Sen Aquilino Pimentel Sr, a known advocate of federalism; Information Sec Martin Andanar, and Cabinet Sec. Leoncio Jun Evasco, among ohers...




“For a Christian Community, Silence is not an Option” Thus said the statement of influential Silliman University on the radical policies of the Duterte administration.

“As I live, says the Lord, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his wicked ways and live…” Ezekiel 33:11

“In the past few months, our country has been torn in factions centered around the idea of justice that seems to be testing the limits and ideals of our democracy. We have seen sweeping and often revolutionary changes in the running of the country, and particularly so in the pursuit of criminal elements that, while laudable in its earnestness, has also stirred up anger and doubt over its intensity and integrity.

“The Silliman community knows the importance of speaking up and fighting for the democratic ideal, especially in trying times. Because we are a Christian community, professing a God who has showed as a much better way, and who has showed us the kind of life that leads to a truly transformed humanity, we need to make a stand with regard to the value of life that should be the foundation of our very being. Life is to be considered a precious and sacred gift from our creator God.



Somebody in city hall has to be accountable and responsible for the missing ten bullet proof vests donated by Lee Super plaza to the city police department. They can no longer be found. Are these lost? Or Stolen? Nobody seems to know.

And these bullet proof vests made in U.S.A. costs between P25,000 to P30,000 each or easily P300,000 in sum. Where are these now?

The city council blue ribbon committee headed by Councilor Michael Bandal is heading an investigation and a paper trail to whom these bullet proof vests passed hands when these were donated.

Invited to shed light on the matter were the property custodian of the general services office, the radio technician at city hall who jotted down the serial numbers and the news reporters who covered the donation.

Peace and Order committee chairman Councilor Alan Cordova is looking for the donation papers by Ms Elsie Lee of Lee Superplaza , but such could not be located and so are the bullet proof vests.

These were donated thru the former city administration of now Cong Manuel Sagarbarria. His city legal office headed by and now his chief of staff Atty. Bimbo Lagahit should know where the donation papers are.



"Living on God's
purpose is the only way to live. The rest are just existing."


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