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  PDP Laban Gov Degamo, LP Felipe “Ipe” Remollo, Roxas speaking at DYEM BAI RADIO Friday Mayor Sagarbarria (NPC) and Rep George Arnaiz (NPC), are supporting Mar Roxas for president.  

      LP-PDP merge as Partido Negrense    

Splintered Liberal Party members, mostly mayors, have joined the new political aggrupation called “Partido Negrense” which is led by PDP Laban Governor Roel Degamo under Peping Cojuangco .Degamo ran under PDP Laban last election.

The LP ally of Degamo is former city mayor Atty. Felipe “Ipe” Remollo who is also eyeing a return to city hall as LP candidate for city mayor of Dumaguete. He will have to be pitted against VP Woodrow Maquiling, cousin Kag Tony Remollo or city administrator William Ablong.

But as to how long they will remain “loyal” to their new jump-ship group will be seen after the October filing of their certificates of candidacies when the election season starts.

Some reports say that those “jump-ship mayors” are just waiting for funding...



Both 2016 gubernatorial bets George Arnaiz (NPC) and Roel Degamo (PDP Laban), are gravitating toward supporting Mar Roxas(LP), thus, declaring Negros Oriental as a “free political zone” is a strong possibility.

This is because presidential anointee, SILG Mar Roxas cannot afford to jeopardize potential votes for him from Negros Oriental, thus, he will also support Arnaiz and Degamo, at least personally. There are no more solid-party people these days. Each one is out to save his own political neck.

Their handlers, Josy Limkaichong ( for Arnaiz), is a personal choice of Roxas to head the LP in Neg Or; but Atty. Felipe Remollo, ex-city mayor,( for Degamo) is confident about his connections with PNoy’s inner circles , many of whom are his former Ateneo law classmates like: Abad, Ochoa, Guingona, Araneta, Nelson, Cuna, Guevarra among other brods and sis in the law circles in Manila, where he holds a lucrative law practice. (so why does he still want to be mayor again?)

Degamo won in Dumaguete in 2013, thus, Remollo is banking on a Degamo support if he decides to run for city hall again. He doesn’t mind if his cousin, Tony Rems, will run for mayor since it will now be dot-system in voting.



Presidential LP anointee, SILG Mar Roxas, displaying his calm confusion as to who will be his running mate in next year’s presidential election said that among his few choices, he has “many number one’s,” meaning he believes most, if not all, of the VP aspirants are qualified and winnable. But the President has to make the wise choice as to who can propel the Mar Roxas “magic victory.”

Roxas breezed into town Friday and proceeded from the airport to DYEM FM BAI RADIO studios for an exclusive interview before he hopped to another. Later he met with leaders and local officials.

Mar has to admit that whoever will be his vice presidential tandem will be crucial to his boom or gloom. In fact, when asked: “who among the VP probables is your Number 1 choice?” He replied “ marami akong No. 1, eh…” meaning, he has real difficulty because in fact, he alone will not make the choice but the party and most of all the President who anointed him.

As for us, let us discuss briefly his options: Grace Poe, is getting farther away and might just run for president; Duterte can give Mar a solid Mindanao vote and could neutralize the Bangsa Moro issue; Cayetano, is an assurance of continuity of “daang matuid “(straight clean path), Vilma Santos, not bad, for popularity contest; as to Leni Robredo, sadly cannot fill the shoes of late hubby Jesse Robredo; and finally ——— his best choice is President PNoy himself, who can legally ran as his vice president, thereby, assure a solid and viable direction to an anti-corruption administration. Besides, PNoy can save his neck with plunder cases as VP since he shall be immune from suit for the next six years. But he is not immune from suit when he steps down in June, like Arroyo , Noy could be a deja vu.

“Suffering the Will
of God is a ministry
that God gives only to
a chosen few.”


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