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  HOT GUNS & ILLEGAL DRUGS: Flagged down at Bacong check point, PNP nets hot guns and ammo plus shabu sachets from Joseph Solamillo left and ambulance driver CeriloVenjdiolarJr who both claim innocence of their apparent misdeeds. (photo by: Choy Gallarde)  

P106-M PDAF went to La Lib

In a span of five years as Representative of the first district of Negros Oriental from 2009 until 2013, Jocelyn Sy-Limkaichong received P220-million in pork barrel funds where almost half of it, or P106-million were channeled to the town of La Libertad as Implementing Agency (I.A.) where the head of office is her own husband-mayor, records of the Department of Budget and Management revealed.

In the year 2009 alone, P13,750,000.00 of the total P15,000,000.00 or 91% of Rep. Limkaichong’s PDAF for the year were channeled to La Libertad.

Only two other towns were given PDAF projects for that year 2009 namely Manjuyod (P200,000.00). The other town was Bacong, (not part of the first district) was also given (P50,000.00)

The funds were for “financial assistance” to local government units for “priority development programs and projects for the first district”.

It was not specified what specific priority programs the lump sum amount of P13,750,000 to La Libertad was for.



Getting both sides is job’s most difficult part

It is in the most trying times like these, like the investigative reporting our associate editor Jay is conducting about the PDAF of our Negros Oriental legislators that we take utmost care and precision in presenting the facts as accurately as possible.

It is for this reason that we are reprinting the exchanges of emails from the Limaichong (lawyers) camp to our editorial desk, thru our corporate lawyer who is also the associate editor of this paper, if only to show that before every controversial story goes to print, we are burning our lines to get both sides of the story.

And most especially their RIGHT OF REPLY is respected and fully accommodated at any stage of our reportage.



Political cleansing seems to be the in-thing in the increasingly expanding concerns for globalization, the Philippines not exempted. From the Spratlys to the West China sea to the Middle East Syria front, global positioning seems to be the name of the game.

Closer to home, there is a need for internal political cleansing of an over-politicized bureaucracy because we can no longer afford to live and wallow in the world of corruption while we want international acceptance and credibility as a nation. For how can the family of nations believe and respect a nation like ours, which is ridden with corruption and dishonesty from top to bottom?

China is even ignoring our pleas for justice before the international courts because we ourselves do not deserve such respect. Imagine, our very own leaders , makers of laws, enforcers of the rule of law, are now the ones exposed in stealing and plundering our national wealth?

How do you think do we appear before the developed world? We are just a bunch of idiots plundering our national wealth and led no less than by our corrupt legislators of course with a very few exceptions.

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