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  It is not my own undoing that my surname simply fits my slogan for public service, which is ‘Magdegamo ta,” which means let us prepare (for life) by working hard, the governor said.  


The Commission on Audit has told the office of the provincial governor to “discontinue the use of the governor’s surname for government programs and desist from charging to government funds any expenses for signages, tarpaulins, stickers and other supplies, wherein the name, surname, initials or picture of any government personality is being used.”

These were among the irregular findings of the COA in its Financial and Compliance audit of Capitol’s coffers for the year 2011. The COA has noted 13 significant irregular practices amounting to at least P126.5 million, which the government audit body recommended that these be rectified within one month after capitol’s receipt of the COA report on June 11 this year.




There is no doubt that the seat of the provincial governor will be the most hotly contested position in the 2013 local elections in Negros Oriental.

Never before have we seen so much political rivalry among the aspirants and the use of very expensive and justified gimmickries, even in the guise and pursuit of public service.

We say it is good to promote rivalry among potential governors, so long as it will benefit the public, we do not mind. Also, so long as the political rivalry is to educate and show to the people who will be the better candidate for 2013, but never will the public condone violence and character assassinations. The moment political rivals start using violence or character assassinations, we guarantee that they, themselves, who are responsible, will simply self-destruct and will just be adding more nails to their political demise.



The City Council, as well as the Office of the City Mayor, are showing a good sense of fairness by demanding a full-dress investigation on the now infamous relief of chief-of-police P/Supt Crisaleo Tolentino and the head of the PNP anti-drug special operations team, Insp. Jaulito Marquez, wherein procedural lapses in police operations may have been committed last August 22.

This was during a confrontation that evening between elements of the provincial anti-drugs special operations and the city PNP drug-busting team that ended in the arrest of a supposed asset in the chief cop’s anti-illegal drug operations.

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