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Bulletproof vests' custody probed. Where are these P300,000-bulletproof vests intended for the police? City council seeks help from Ex-mayor now Rep Sagarbarria and COP Atanacio who received these thru facilitator Elsie Lee. (Photo by Choy Gallarde)

      Lasting solution for blazing dump site    

Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe “Ipe” Remollo is seriously exploring several options that will solve once and for all the pestering problem of the open and burning dumpsite that has plagued the past three city administrations.

Remollo sympathizes with the discomfort experienced by the immediate residents around the dumpsite that previously received three closure orders from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources but were not enforced in the past.

Primarily due to the accumulated methane gas underneath the mountain high pile of trash combined with heat, intermittent fires and blazes have broken out around the dumpsite causing a mini haze triggering asthma attacks and respiratory illnesses of residents...




A newly amended and fine tuned ordinance geared towards stopping illegal and noisy motorcycles in the city streets is now being fast-tracked by city councilors.

At the same time, another ordinance is forthcoming prescribing the use of locally assembled electric tricycles in Dumaguete and no longer allow those old cranky decades old and rusty tricycles to operate in designated areas.

This environment-friendly and tourism promoter electric-tricycles will soon become the new “sleek -running kind king of the road.” There are about 5000 moving old tricycles in Dumaguete and around 25,000 motorcycles plus the more than 35,000 daily commuters at as given time. The city has over 150,000 residents in all.


Authored by Councilors-lawyers Karissa Tolentino, Joe Kenneth Arbas and Michael Bandal, the soon-to-be-reinforced ordinance against noisy motorcycles is intended to legally pressure its owners to reinstall silencers which they purposely removed for their own purpose and to the prejudice of the entire community, especially among senior citizens.




The issue as to where have all the brand new bulletproof vests for the police have gone continues to hunt the accountable officials at city hall—both from the present, but especially from those of the previous administration.

As a backgrounder, last November six or ten brand new US-made bulletproof vests intended for our city police was delivered to city hall by its facilitators who brought it in balikbayan boxes from America where the original donor resides.

It was received complete with photo ops at the mayor’s office and the chief of police. The problem now is, the bulletproof vests are nowhere to be found. Are these lost? Stolen? Sold to the black market? Or kept by unscrupulous people at city hall for themselves?

This is now the subject of search and investigation by the city council blue ribbon committee. Until today nobody has a clue. The former city mayor who received the items said, the donor from the U .S. should sign the donation papers before the City can acquire ownership.



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