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  MASSA NEGORENSE is the obvious indicator that reelectionist governor Degamo is banking on the masses for votes. If only all politicians’ money will reach the voters, then we have a contest, otherwise we don’t.  

      LP-NPC alliance isolate RD boys?    

The main headquarters of the Liberal Party and that of the Nationalist People’s Coalition has further coaliced with each other , thereby resulting in what they called “isolating the splinter groups who jumped ship to the Partido Negorense of the PDP Laban reelectonist governor.”

The official affiliations will be known by October 16 filing deadline of certificates of candidacies.

Stalwarts of both the main Liberal Party led by former Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong and the Nationalist Peoples Coalition under Rep George Arnaiz, confirmed that the local alliance is nearly complete, which is chiefly designed to ensure that none of their candidates will be running against each other in the May 2016 elections.

This set-up leaves the members of Partido Negorense founded by Governor Roel Degamo as the only alternative bets for the electorate.

Most of the incumbent provincial officials, mayors, vice-mayors and councilors belong to NPC and LP. The arrangement begins at the top with NPC Provincial Chairman 2nd District Cong. George Arnaiz running for Governor in tandem with incumbent Vice-Governor Mark Macias of LP.

1st District Cong. Manuel Iway said that LP and NPC decided to join forces to strengthen the...



This column intends to follow the 2016 campaign trail and trend. The latest is that Rod Duterte has dropped from the presidential race (unless he has no word of honor ) so much so that Rod’s solid Minandao votes tho legendary might swing to Roxas instead.

This time, it should not be imaginary but reality.

A Cebuano in Mindanao cannot even culturally support one who has Luzon roots. Therefore Mar should be happy his family stands by him. Only a few do that. The moment they see they are losing grip of influence, they just walk out on you, even if they depend on you for food shelter and maids. A ground for disinheritance.

The super popularity rise of Grace Poe seemed short-lived. We will have to see the August poll survey results and the a new trend. Why? Because of the Poe citizenship issue, the more plunder cases vs. Binay; the anointment of Mar Roxas as LP presidential bet.

The Liberals here should understand why Roxas is befriending Degamo: it’s because DEgamo is popular with the masses more than the LPs. Even they admit that. If Roxas gives DEgamo funding “just for the two of us,” Degamo would surely welcome that!

It is our wish that the SWS office will pitch camp in Dumaguete. Many would fund and appreciate it. You have no idea how much money people here have.



The issue is not narrow streets and highways, or stupid ignorant drivers. The simple fact is: it is overpopulation. The less we control population, the more nightmares we will have on the road, and in everything else: food security, jobs, livelihood, you name it. Population balance is everything.

Traffic nightmares are very controllable. WE JUST HAVE TO IMPLEMENT THE LAWS. The trouble is, we don’t, thus the nightmare.

Let’s compare Manila and Dumaguete or Cebu. I lived and worked in Cebu in the 70s and exactly, Dumaguete today is what Cebu’s traffic was 40 years ago. Today, Cebu traffic is still a nightmare, and so Dumaguete is starting to be what it is: a nightmare— — but tricycle and motorcycle levels yet.

In Dumaguete we have 30,000 (LTO said) single motorbikers on the road. Say one third of it at a given time, are on the road, is still 10,000 motorbikes on the road each minute. This is not counting the 20 units or so that each car company has a quota to sell in Dumaguete each year. Easily that is 400 cars added here each year to the already thousands on the road. We have 5000 tricycles. The vans, the buses, the delivery trucks and ten wheelers.By Dumaguete standards, NIGHTMARE dzud! How much more Manila.

“Forgiving friends
and kins, and praying for them brings blessings
to one’s life.”


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