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  City dumps 40 tons of garbage daily. ENRO chief Ray Awayan, environmentalist Kag Manny Arbon; committee chair Nelson Patromonio against the super-imposed backdrop of the “3-storey” odorous Candau-ay dumping area.  

Satellite markets in City barangays

The Sanggunian committee on economic enterprises and trade, are seriously studying the possibility of the city council, legislating the opening of satellite markets in every barangay so that the downtown area of Dumaguete will be decongested of people and vehicles.

The crowding of people from the barangays who go marketing everyday, spending money for transportation twice daily back and forth, might as well be spent for basic food and clothing, in satellite markets in the barangays. This will surely save barangay folks tricycle money and give them economic opportunities by opening small retail food outlets and spices stores in their own barangays. (Read Editorial)

This was the suggestion of Dumagueteños who aired their sentiments on CROSS TALK, the premier public affairs program in Dumaguete aired over DYEM FM Bai Radio every 12 noon Monday to Saturday.

Economic enterprise committee chairman Kag. DanDan Leon agreed with the basic idea of satellite markets and pledged to consult his colleagues for possible legislation.

Also concurring were city administrator William Ablong, economic enterprise officer Rony Fortin and traffic management officer Danny Atillo. They were guests at CROSS TALK program too.


The proposed satellite market runs like this:

Lot owners along the road in the barangays can be given real estate tax holidays for two years if they offer at least 3000 square meters of their lot, for basic food commodites, spices and clothing (ukay ukay) outlets whose stall owners will rent the place to the owner at government stipulated rates.





Vice President Jojemar Binay cannot be impeached for offenses committed when he was not yet an impeachable officer. This means that what he might have committed as mayor, cannot be used to impeach Binay as vice president.

In short although the present VP is an impeachable officer, there is yet no grounds for his culpable violation of the constitution, his betrayal of public trust, graft and corruption and other grounds. However, if there is an anti-Binay sentiment in the Lower House, then surely, Binay can be impeached because the House has the numbers.

Remember the Allies of President Aquino in the House quashed three impeachment complaints against him last month. He has P600 billion in presidential pork for next year, and they don't want to hear the word pork, Ok maybe just lump sum line items.

An impeachment case in the House against Binay would require a onethird vote from congressmen for it to be sent to the Senate for trial. That means at least 97 votes in the 290-strong House. And yes, they have the numbers.

What about sympathy votes, if they proceed with impeaching Binay? Will it turn in Binay's favor as the persecuted one? His opponents are careful on this. So Binay is not one who can just be pushed around. He can fight back. And the poor people are his allies. This is heavy.

Let us remember finally that impeachment is a political trial, not a criminal case. So one can be impeached by mere perception, not necessarily with hard evidence. If they perceive Binay to be a dishonest public servant, then the House can easily muster 97 votes to send Binay to the Senate judges. And minus Enrile, Estrada and Revilla, that's three less votes for Binay in case the impeachment case proceeds. We still don't know.



There is a proposal from members of the city council that in order to decongest the downtown area of people and vehicles, both public and private, the city council will legislate for the opening of satellite markets in all barangays with the hope of giving them incentives to spur economic development.

Satellite markets in the barangays which sell mostly basic food and clothing necessities, will encourage entrepreneurship in the barangays and be less dependent on downtown stores for their basic needs.

Expect the big retail businessmen both Pinoys and Tsinoys to oppose this; but that's the way to progress. Evereybody gets the opportunity to grow, especially the smaller ones.

There is a plan to convert the present central market into a city-owned mall, air conditioned, so that it will modernize the downtown area, give more income to the city, encourage medium entrepreneurs to open branches in the downtown area and the markets will now be opened and dispersed in every barangay.

Economic enterprise chair, who also heads the committe on trade, Kag. DanDan Leon, himself an entrepreneur, said on CROSS TALK over DYEM FM BAI RADIO, that barangay lot owners can offer their lots for satellite markets because it will earn income from rentals of about ten market stalls for just food and clothing. They will be given tax holidays on real estate taxes for three years.

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