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  QUARRYING like this in Mainit, Looc, Sibulan IS ALLOWED as a policy so long as you own the land and EDC justifies its use. On the foreground are marginal fishermen making a living. Harmony on environmental issues?  

Josy - my PDAF prudently spent

The town of La Libertad which was the implementing agency and recipient of the bulk of congressional “soft” Priority Development Assistance Funds (PDAF) from 2009 until 2013 “properly and prudently” spent such public funds.

This was former first district representative Jocelyn ‘Josy’Sy-Limkaichong’s reaction in a CHRONICLE interview Friday.

“The municipality is properly and prudently disbursing the PDAF,” Josy stressed.

Records of the Department of Budget and Management show that in five years as House representative (from2009 to -2013), P106-million of “soft” PDAF (i.e. financial assistance, social projects, livelihood) out of the total P220-million PDAF for the same period went to La Libertad as implementing agency.

Limkaichong dismissed concerns over the fact that she channeled a great portion of her soft PDAF to La Libertad where her husband is head implementor and mayor.



Corruption with impunity and master of diversion

The timing of the Zamboanga attack during the height of the Napoles pork scandal cannot be discounted as a diversionary tactic that will distract the heat and focus on the scandal from Manila, now to Zamboanga. WHOEVER hatched the Zamboanga siege was not thinking solely of the Mindanao crisis.

Just analyze those who are suspected as behind the pork scandal, they have impeccable records of “ saving the republic.” There is no reason why they can be less capable this time of diverting the people’s attention to Zamboanga.

But mind you, the Luzon and Visayas people cannot be distracted from their focus because the pork scandal is the most disgusting form of corruption with impunity and because these are legislators, makers of our sacred laws, promoters of the rule of law, and yet, they lead in this never-before form of highway robbery—and secretly had been going on for the last ten years! Unbelievably Filipino!



Looking at whistleblower Ben Hur Luy during the Senate hearing last Thursday, and hearing his straight forward testimony without any notes or script, simply indicates the boldness and determination of the scam stakeholders who admitted that it was indeed providential that the scandal be exposed because it has gone a bit too far.

Hundreds of millions and in fact, billions of taxpayers’ money are squandered and plundered like peanuts by unscrupulous legislators absolutely forgetting that the money they plundered come from taxes which poor Filipinos paid for with their sweat on their brows.

This reckless disregard and disrespect by legislators of the poor taxpayers have deeply enraged the people and the netizens are now almost up in arms in removing not only the PDAF but the legislators themselves who have made a mockery of our legal system and the rule of law. But how?

This coming Friday, September 19, some 15-million Filipino overseas workers have declared it a ZERO REMITTANCE DAY, meaning, they will not remit a single centavo to their homeland Philippines in protest and in dramatizing their demands to abolish the pork barrel.

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