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  Media Ombudsman Atty. Arturo Dupio, IBP chapter president (left) news-hen anchor Florence Baesa and commentator Nes Timosan, Dindo Generoso and others, did sign the covenant of adherence to the tenets of KBP Radio Code of the Philippines and the Phil PRESS Institute Journalists' Code of Ethics. The rest of the other blocktimers and commentators also affixed their respective signatures. The other media Ombudsman is retired RTC Executive Judge Eleuterio Chiu.  


State auditors urged the provincial government to submit all the documents pertaining to the 13 major contracts (See Page 1 for list ) as part of the post Sendong rehabilitation totaling P 961, 550,000.00 for scrutiny to determine the “reasonableness of the prices and regularity” as part of standard operating procedure of contract review.

COA personnel admitted that the exercise is not to pre-audit the contracts but to review the procurement of services contained in the 13 negotiated contracts entered into by the Capitol so that all the supporting documents and activities shall be in accordance to the public bidding process under Republic Act 9184.




The political season is getting hotter even as the filing of certificates of candidacies of wanabees will be over by October 2. Local elections are hotter because the contending candidates come from the locality itself. And the fight is more intense when it is among those in the neiborhood.

Notice in the barrios, there are more fightings, more intrigues and conflicts from among local residents than those among city folks.

Our radio blocktimes and commentators have agreed among themselves that radio station DYEM Star Energy Fm will invite an ombudsman who will act as the pulse of the listeners and call the attention of commentators and blocktimers who may go out of bounds, away from the radio code of ethics of the KBP.




Two legal luminaries have accepted our invitation to act as our media ombudsman , as our listeners’ and readers’ repository of their feedbacks and complaints if any in the manner by which we execute our policies on media self-regulation.

We take the lead in opening ourselves for public scrutiny as our way of being transparent in our news coverage and treatment of issues as distinguished between media-produced and sponsored productions, both in print and broadcast.

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"Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father."


What a mess. News articles telling us that Senator Pia Cayetano on Wednesday night moved for "deletion of an entire subsection in the Senate version of the RH Bill because Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III believes the section could effectively legalize abortion in the country."

(PDI Sept 7 2012) The RH bill which has been in the agenda of congress since 1998 and now is in the process of being "emasculated" or technically "filibustered" as Senator Jinggoy Estrada "will have to read it (the amended bill) all over again." With time running out for this congress, the RH Bill may be shelved once again. Goodbye to the government's MDGs.


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