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Definitely: next “King of the road”. These models of different shapes and kinds, mostly made of fiberglass will be the make up of the new electric tricycle offered by the government Dept. of Energy. With no down payment @ P450 rent to own daily and with the option to trade-in their old gasoline-driven tricycle. What else could be a better incentive!

      4-wheels, not trikes cause traffic jams    

Hundreds of big 4 to 16 wheeler cargo trucks —not the 2,500 tricycles— are the ones causing big traffic jams in the city’s main but narrow streets. The solution is to ban these big cargo trucks to traverse downtown streets, widen old narrow streets, provide parking set-backs, and ban the parking along the main highways.

Tricycles 2,500 of them have been here for decades, their numbers have not increased.It is the fourwheeled vehicles , vans, SUVs and big cargo trucks which have tripled in number, who are causing the traffic clogs during rush hours.


Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe “Ipe” Remollo believes there are enough existing laws that if implemented would significantly ease the various traffic jams choking the city streets...




The testimony of Edgar Matobato in the Senate has indeed stirred the hornets’ nests and has definitely changed the political landscape of the nation almost overnight.

In the name of justice, President Duterte must now pursue the statement of Matobato and prove him wrong. In a similar vein, the handlers of Matobato must stand their ground and prove their allegations right. Otherwise, the rule of law must apply, just like Indonesia drug case of Mary Jane Veloso.

The accusations of Matobato against Duterte has went viral like an epidemic in the internet and social media the world over. In fact, we received the transcription not from Manila but from New York social media! We will not be surprised if Matobato will be killed and silenced. But who will be the prime suspect? That’s right. Nobody would (rather) know.




The City Government is now focusing on both the traffic mess and the worsening garbage situation in this capital city. They all need both quickfix or medium or long-term solutions.

Rightly so, the government is focusing first on the doables, quick-fix strategies. What are these doables?

Doables include the No-Parking rule along national highways. Partly implemented although with pockets of resistance (to change.)

Public and private schools must exemplify road set-backs, meaning, they opt to move their fences further inside to give way to car and motorbike parks without disturbing the highway.



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