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  PNP provincial director Col Dionard Carlos, Vice Mayor Woodrow Maquiling, City Legal officer Niel Rey Lagahit were guests over CROSS TALK at Dyem-fm where they confirmed the urgency in the organIzatIon of the Peoples’ Law Enforcemente Board.  

      BMs expose capitol major BOM lapses    

Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan unleashed a litany of alleged irregularities and lapses in the Negros Oriental Sports and Cultural Facilities Board of Management, which necessitates a host of reforms to the ordinance creating the body.

As this developed, Governor Roel Degamo welcomed all moves to reform the Board of Management if only to emphasize transparency and accountability in its activities and decision making.

In last week’s regular session, Mr. Glendol A. Badon, Vice-Chairman of the Negros Oriental Sports and Cultural Facilities Board of Management and Board of Management and Manager-Designate Kent A. Martinez were grilled by Members of the Provincial Board over several controversies in the use of various facilities owned by the provincial government.

The 15-member Board of Management, currently headed by Governor Degamo as Chairman, and Badon as Vice-Chair from the private sector, is tasked among others to prescribe reasonable rates for the use of the Negros Oriental Convention Center, Negros Oriental Convention Center Hotel, Lamberto L. Macias Sports and Cultural Center, Gov. Lorenzo G. Teves Aqua Center, Mariano Perdices Memorial Stadium, Ninoy Aquino Freedom Park and Praxevilla Tennis Courts...



Lady Grace has finally made a decision to be the next President of the Philippines. That’s not a light decision but a super heavy one for a 47-year old “ina, Filipina, at senadora, etc”

The DNA issue of Grace Poe as to whether she has an all-Filipino blood to become a natural born citizen which is required of a President, may not be necessary if we have to follow the ancient laws of the Hebrews. Consider this: Jesus Christ could not have any blood from Joseph because he was just a foster father. From Mary, yes.

But from our querry direct to our friends in the Vatican, we got this answer: “Whoever acted as a natural father of the child from the time he or she was born, becomes his natural father for all intents and purposes (of this earth), including inheritance, and other rights, etc.”

Similarly, since Fernando Poe Jr acted as a father since Grace was a foundling, then for all intents and purposes Fernando Poe Jr is considered by the Hebrew laws as the natural father of Grace. No need for a DNA if the Hebrew laws were to be followed. But we all do follow the Hebrew laws, considering that we consider Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.



Now, here is an unusual movement of winnable politicians, sure to win this coming elections, but have decided to quit politics for good and migrate to other countries precisely on election season.

They are three local lawmakers who without any mutual plans found themselves leaving their constituencies almost at the same time, in order to migrate abroad.

They are three local lawmakers who without any mutual plans found themselves leaving their constituencies almost at the same time, in order to migrate abroad.

Elsie Dagoy is now a grandmother and her daughter in Arizona wants Lola (Grandma) to babysit for her grandchildren. Dagoy says that while she has no problem winning this elections, the call of a daughter for help is given preference over politics. A decision worth emulating by some over-staying politicians.

Mags Gonzales, easily a winnable name in his town, is set to join his girlfriend in the New Zealand and his scheduled trip came just on time on election season. Mags tells us that the call of family must come first. And so Gonzales leaves the political arena and gave his sure-win slot to someone else. A gesture not many politicians will do.

“It is futile to
look back with regrets;
it is FAITH to look
ahead with rejoicing.”


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The Dignity and Vocation of...

I would like to share with you the CBCP Statement on dignity and vocation of homosexual persons.

A Pastoral Response to the Acceptance of Homosexual Lifestyle And the Legalization of Homosexual Unions...
The joy in community

"Have you experienced the uplifting joy of worshiping and praising the Lord in unity with 4000 people? Have you felt your anxieties fade away as they are overcome by the smiles, happy greetings, and joyous friendship of the people...

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