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  Pork stakeholders at Press Freedom Forum. LR: Ex-Gov. Petit Baldado, co-anchor Glynda Descatan, manager Sky Cable; NOCCI Pres. Ed Du; Councilor Sal Erames; SU Pres. Ben Malayang; Mayors League Pres. Bentham dela Cruz; co-anchor Ely Dejaresco, chair. emeritus, Dumaguete Press/Radio Club, Inc.  

DBM backs COA disallowance

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has thrown its support to the Notices of Disallowance issued by the Commission on Audit (CoA) over the illegal contracts amounting to nearly One Billion Pesos entered by the Provincial Government with private contractors for the rehabilitation of infrastructure damaged by Typhoon Sendong in 2011 and the February 2012 earthquake.

At the same time, the DBM justified the legality of the Negative Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) it issued, which paved the way for the order to return to the National Treasury the advance amount of P480-million earlier released and deposited to the account of the Province.

This was contained in a letter by DBM Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad to the CHRONICLE, in response to this reporter’s querry sent to the DBM secretary himself.



Successful diversion from Napoles to Zambo siege

Forgive our newsmen’s instinct , but many among us journalists who were not born yesterday believe that the billion peso pork scam boys were able to successfully divert the attention of the public from the legislastor’s plunder story via Napoles Express to the dreadful Zamboanga siege.

But at what cost! Almost three hundred dead by now. Thousands of lives traumatized. Hudnreds of thousands of wasted ammunition, Filipinos killing Filipiinos. If the diversion is true, then the planners who may be linked with the Napoles scandal, has again committed yet another greater plunder called genocide.

Just analyze it: Misuari said he does not even own the siege. PNoy wonders where the bullets of the MNLF come from , they seem to keep coming as if someone is supplying them with bullets. The attack came just when the DOJ was about to name the initial respondents of the congressional pork scam. Any student of intelligence can easily connect the dots!



There is a mistaken notion among a number of Filipinos who are following closely the pork barrel scandal developments, in that once filed with the Ombudsman, justice will soon be served.

No sir, it could still yet take close to one year but not more, until the first case will be forwarded for filing before the Sangdiganbayan which is the regular graft court.

For those who might not yet have known, just because you saw the faces of senators who have finally scandalized your own impression on them, nonetheless, they still have a long way to go before justice can finally be meted, if at all.

This was announced by Ombudsman Carpio Morales who said it will take almost a year for the Obmdusman to respond to the national clamor in filing plunder charges against three senators and their congressional counterparts. (What about the others?)

Filing a case of plunder before the ombudsman is not exactly a walk in the park. It is now the burden of the Ombudsman to investigate and evaluate and hurry up the case being assigned to the graft courts . as we said, the case is still in the prosecution’s stage prior to the filing of the first plunder case before the Sandiganbayan.


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