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  FOI bill moribund anew? Freedom of Information Bill author Rep. Teddy Casiņo sees bleak prospects of the bill being passed. L-R: Fr. Bob Caday, Makabayan Vice- Chair; Rep. Casiņo; Favian Magallanes, Makabayan Secretary General; and Eddie Lazaro of PISTON, at the Dumaguete Press Club press con.  


The Commission on Audit is standing by its observation during its audit review, which it is currently conducting, covering all infrastructure and other contracts of the provincial government with regard to the audit of infrastructure payments, including the controversial P960-million calamity fund assistance from the Office of President Aquino, which has just been bidden with their supporting documents to the COA auditors for review…”




Now that the City Government of Dumaguete is implementing Ordinance 231 to regulate the use of plastic bags, some controversy has arisen referring to the use of the so-called biodegradable plastic bags.

Biodegradable plastics refer to a packaging material that can be broken down within a reasonable amount of time into their base compounds of carbon dioxide and water. It comes from renewable sources that are plant-based (using starch and/or carbohydrates from corn, cassava, wheat, potato, etc…).

This safe and compostable product is referred to as bioplastics. However, it is not readily available in the Philiipines and commands a hefty price, thus its usage has not gained ground in the U.S., Australia and Europe. In addition, its composting and recycling requirements differ from that of our traditional composting/recycling methods.



The days of the now infamous Small Time lottery or STL are numbered. STL has given life to the P50-million a day income of illegal gambers game of jueteng and maybe a similar, if not , daily intake of suertres in the Visayas and Mindanao.

President Aquino announced the phase out of STL antime this monh, only to be replaced with “Lotarya ng Bayan.” We don’t know if this is the same dog with a new collar.

But Pinoy says the rules of the game will be changed so as to not generate illegal numbers game. Let us wait and see whether the legals can outsmart the illegals. Right now the illegals are smarter than the legals in that the illegal numbers game seem to generate more income than the legal lottery of the PCSO, so much so that the president decided to phase STL out.

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"Injustice anywhere can be a threat to justice everywhere."


We are just simple persons living a quiet life here in Dumaguete City. We are not ready for media exposure or anything for that matter.

I just want to report some documents. Here are some copies of email messages I received from sources that would define my divulged “cybercrime” directed for nurses. I am morally obliged to share this to my fellow RN’s, so they can take caution and avoid being victimized by phony individuals, who are taking advantage of nurses who are in desperate need of employment abroad.


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