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Local media marks Press Freedom Week. Candle lightings for Martial Law victims, radio guestings , Martial law survivors, and SUMBA SUGBA fellowship at the Dumaguete Press Club lawn along the boulevard Press club president is Choy Gallarde while KBP president is Sherlyn Abella.

      BP-vest puzzle baffles council    

The case of the missing brand new bullet-proof vests (6-to 10 pieces) worth P300,000 and intended for the use by the city police continues to baffle elements of the city council as they concluded last Wednesday that the case is now a police matter.

After fruitless searches from the mayor’s office, general services office , city police , inventory rooms and barangay affairs offices to no avail, per report of their heads, the blue ribbon committee of the city council headed by Councilor Michael Bandal and his members agreed that it is now the police who should handle the matter after a report is filed in its police blotter, and initiated by the city council as the city policy making body.

The CHRONICLE contacted former city legal officer now chief of staff of them Mayor now Rep Manuel Sagarbarria who said that no formal turnover was made because the donation...




The testimony of Edgar Matobato in the Senate has indeed stirred the hornets’ nests and has definitely changed the political landscape of the nation almost overnight.

In the name of justice, President Duterte must now pursue the statement of Matobato and prove him wrong. In a similar vein, the handlers of Matobato must stand their ground and prove their allegations right. Otherwise, the rule of law must apply, just like Indonesia drug case of Mary Jane Veloso.

The accusations of Matobato against Duterte has went viral like an epidemic in the internet and social media the world over. In fact, we received the transcription not from Manila but from New York social media! We will not be surprised if Matobato will be killed and silenced. But who will be the prime suspect? That’s right. Nobody would (rather) know.




The case of the lost ten or six brand new bullet proof vests donated by a taxpayer in the United States for the anti-crime use by the Dumaguete police is now in the hands of you guessed it——the police itself.

The city council blue ribbon committee headed by Councilor Michael Bandal is joined by his colleagues in declaring that the days of witch hunting as to where the vests worth P300,000 are, should now be investigated as a police matter. Somebody should now file a report to the police blotter and let the police do its investigation, as the party in interest.



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