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  Power summit by chamber. Energy Sec. Jericho Petilla meets with businessmen and power stakeholders Friday night, briefing them on the entire power situation in Negros Oriental with Energy Sec Jericho Petilla; below LR Vice Gov Mark Macias, Sec Petilla, Gov Roel Degamo; Mayor Edgar Teves and City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria.  

      EDC grid opens new 49.4 MW geo-plant    

The Energy Development Corporation (EDC) the leading geothermal power producer in the country , inaugurated Friday the 49.4 MW Nasulo geothermal plant in Valencia, Negros Oriental. The inauguration was led by EDC executives with Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla and local government officials as special guests.

“The Nasulo geothermal plant will help address the tightening power supplydemand situation in the Visayas region. One of EDC's greenfield projects is now ready to provide clean, reliable and competitively priced power to the province of Negros Oriental and to EDC's power customers in the Visayas grid,” EDC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Federico Lopez said during the opening rites last Friday at the plant site.

EDC President and chief executrive officer Richard Tantoco disclosed that based on forecasts of the Department of Energy (DOE), power demand in the Visayas will surpass the current capacity of 2,037 MW by 2015. To address the deficit, the DOE has lined up energy projects including EDC's Nasulo plant...



It is a very sad commentary that we hear about this report which MARINA or the Maritime In dustry Authority of Cebu has yet to confirm or deny , that for three times in Dumaguete, in the past several years, the MARINA has conducted the required Modified Basic Safety Training to hundreds of boat captains and engine or motormen and yet hundreds of them have not been issued the required Seafarer's Identification Booklet which is a requirement for them to renew permits to operate their pump boats and fishing vessels. There are hundreds of them operating in Negros Oriental shorelines.

Each boat captain and engine or motor men has paid P2000 each for the modified basic safety training MBST but where not issued certificates of completion therefore their boats permit to operate cannot be renewed officially by MARINA, thus we might venture to say that most pump boats and fishing boats do not have updated permits to operate. In short, these are illegally operating.

For P2000 per head for training,, with a hundred trainees each time, and for three years , easily the trainors from MARINA collected P600,000 or maybe close to a million pesos . MARINA who authorized the University of Cebu to conduct the training could not issue a certificiate of training because the UC or university of Cebu was not also paid in full for the training allegedly by MARINA. This report, UC an MARINA have yet to confirm.

Now, when inspected by MARINA, hundreds of boat captains in Negros Oriental, who run vessels weighing less than 15 gross tons and motormen or engine men with machines 250 kw and below and those of fishing vessels above 3 gross tonnage are now asking MARINA for their certificates of basic safety training which cost them P2000 each. So where is the money?



The much-acclaimed clean up advo cacy of Pres Aquino is gaining ground so much so that his own administration is now become the acid test of his sincerity. Will PNoy also clean up his own house now?

Aside from the vice presidency which is now under fire due to reports of massive Makati corruption, the chief of the PNP Allan Purissima is also now under fire for allegedly mis-declaring his assets and liabilities including the multi million peso white house exclusive residence of the chief PNP in camp crame.

But unfortunately again, here comes PNoy apparently protecting his boys which is normal until proven otherwise. Under these precarious times, it is natural instinct of a leader to protect his own men because there are those out there who are bent in destroying his own household.

It is Binay's right to raise the jurisdictional challenge on the authority of the Senate committee to investigate an executive officer. Senate Pres Frank Drillon emphasized that the principle of separation of powers (between executive and legislative) bars ‘Binay from stopping the Senate probe on the aforestated grounds.

"We don’t know
what the future holds,
but we sure know who
holds the future."



Today, a large majority of American Christians support our ally Israel. But there is reason to fear for the future. For the past few years, we've been watching the millennial generation of Christians (now in their 20's and 30's) with increasing concern. Evidence is mounting that this generation is quickly abandoning this traditional support for Israel...

A foreigner retiree here in Dumaguete, the city of which, incidentally, had been ranked/clas sified as the top retirement places in Asia, and fifth in the world. The alien retiree speaks about Dumaguete as well as on his views re a visiting foreigner who attempted to bring his assistive dog inside our Robinson's mall here, of which the building's Management barred the animal's entry...

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Two new Laws:
livelihood and drugs

President Noynoy Aquino's government is facing two problems: Poverty and Drug Menace. He, however, recently signed two new laws precisely meant to crack these problems. First, the rub lies in the fact that country's GDP growth (economic growth)...

The silent crime that pervades the world since time immemorial is the sexual abuse on children. Especially sexual abuse on children by their own father. This topic is hardly discussed openly because the victims are...

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