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  Phil CHARITY SWEEPSTAKES BRANCH opens here. (LR:) Gov. Roel Degamo, Liza Gabuyo, AGM for branch operations; and PCSO-GM Atty. Jose Ferdinand Rojas II. PCSO General Manger Jose Ferdinand Rojas II personally officiated at the opening of the 34th PSCO provincial branch, located at the ground floor of the convention center complex near the Dep Ed building last Friday Sept 27. Gov. Degamo lent the office space free of rent. City Mayor Sagarbarria will also receive the city’s first brand new ambulance from PCSO as a gesture of goodwill.  

Board action on DBM: wait

Some members of the provincial board this week intimated that this legislative body of the province would rather wait for the outcome of the case it filed against Asst. DBM Secretary Mario Relampagos for usurpation of powers, before it will decide whether or not to take action on the order to recall P480Million in calamity fund which was already disbursed in good faith by the provincial government.

This reaction came in response to public queries on what the provincial board will do in the face of this serious order of recall of close to half a billion pesos for the rehabilitation of typhoon Sendong hit-areas of the province.

In the first place, some board members said, Malacanang already dismissed outright without hearing, the administrative case against the governor about this matter.



PCSO opening changes
landscape of public help

The concept of popular public help for the poor , the sick and the dying used to be associated with the PDAF of congressmen. In fact, some solons think that without the PDAF many will die of sickness and school dropouts will increase. Well, the will to live and be cured is not limited to PDAF alone. God and Man will always find ways to help the poor and the sick. Their days on earth will not be diminished just because PDAF is gone. Unless you under estimate Divine Providence.

We cannot believe that the PNoy administration and jointly with their political cohorts can still have the temerity to ask that the Supreme Court lift the TRO for their pork barrels. My goodness, these people are not really taking the plunder concern seriously no? They still think it’s a big joke.

It’s time we face reality. PDAF and pork is now and should now be gone, like the Lord rebuking as: …be gone, satan! Now they want him back. Goodness sake.

Let the departments of health, and education now responsibly improve their performance and take care of the sick and those in need of education. Very easily, PNOY can create and sub-committee for health and education that will take care of the needs of those whom PDAF funds used to help. They can do it right with a new sub-committee. As we said, no matter how we cook the rice, if someone wants to steal a cup or two, it can still be done.




While in presidential or even congressional elections the fight is more political, in the October 28 barangay elections, the fight is more personal.

This is because in the barrios, the groupings are more by families, rather than by political parties. Therefore, even the funding is more intra-familia.

Like a barrio benefit dance, the winner is not necessarily the most beautiful lass in the barrio but the one who has more donors due to more relatives. Similarly, the more relatives, the more chances of winning by a barangay candidate compared to a rich balikbayan.

The barrio folks are also the most vulnerable into vote buying.In bigger elections the bigger the wholesale barangay votes, the bigger is the chance of winning, by some candidates whom the barrio does not even know.

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