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   SEPTEMBER 30, 2012 EDITION | This site has been visited times.
  President Aquino in Dumaguete City with cabinet members last Feb. 8, which was his birthday. He visited earthquake-hit areas here. Is he aware that his huge calamity funds released for NegOr is being feasted as a political issue, even if he did not have the least intention to do a political positioning? We ask our politicians: Please spare the people from being caught in the middle of your political in-fightings!  


All local political powder kegs are ready to be unleashed as local political wannabes are preparing to wage what is billed as the most hotly but peacefully contested local elections in local history.

The main reasons of this are the sudden almost-consecutive demise of Gov. Macias and successor Gov. Perdices, just when the last local elections ended in 2010. The “political slot-hiatus” has triggered a mad scramble to the capitol throne. Big political family feuds and political come-backs also mar the coming local elections.




The political landscape in Negros Oriental, for the 2013 local elections, have developed major changes. Gone are the days of political “coalitions for convenience.” In the coming political exercise, everyone is doing his best as a political party member or as individual or both to capture the votes of their would-be constituents.

The major reasons why the local political landscape have made drastic turnabouts in Negros Oriental is because of the following major reasons:
1. The change of administration from GMA to PNOY: This has caused a major ship-jumping and party-hopping spree. Here, one can just switch parties or political affiliations anytime because our political parties are not founded on principles but on affiliation;

2. Many big political guns, who could have maintained political decorum, have come and have gone. The two sudden and almost consecutive deaths of Gov. Macias and Gov. Perdices, who succeeded the former, have offset what could have been a political pattern, especially at the Capitol. Suddenly, loyalties have changed


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