Anatomy of drug addiction in family

A friend of mine asked me: how grave and how serious really is our drug problem in the country ? I said, I don’t know but here is one local situation in Dumaguete which I have a first hand account: maybe with these multiplied a thousand times all over the country you will know whether our drug menace problem in the country is serious and grave or not.

Imagine this typical situation in an average household:

Both father and mother are working couples .They are off to work by 7:30am and so are their 4 teenage children who are also off to school by 7:45am. Nobody comes home for lunch to save on high tricycle fares back and fourth six times a day for six people, so the mother prepares baon for the both parents and give money for lunch for the children. They all eat outside. The home is empty until about 7pm.

Both parents come home late, dead tired after work, and the children are still out there. Mother prepares dinner and the family don’t eat together. This happens almost every weekday for the rest of the year and the next and the next.

Somewhere along the way, father gets invited for a drinking spree, mother goes out with her office mates. Children go with their barkadas. They all come home late. Supper prepared by mother is now cold. Nobody likes to eat, so usually they find sources to eat outside.

This happens at least twice a week or more.

By the way, the household cannot afford helpers so mother goes marketing, and cooks the meals. Everybody wash their own clothes.

The problem begins when kids “find a new home” among his barkadas because there is nobody at home during the whole day. And he uses his allowances to buy drugs to which they are now hooked. Once hooked, he will no longer get it for free, but sell the stuff in order to have his own supply as his commission. There, the never-ending story begins.


This is murder by any spelling. But the police has a very good legal reason to kill: “because the suspect resisted.” But nobody can prove that. How much more vigilantes who kill with impunity: are they pushers or enforcers? Nobody knows. SUGGESTION: Do we have human rights advocates accompany police drug operations? If we have them in drug raids before, why not now? The dangerous drug law requires witnesses in every raid, why not now?

LET’S DO IT TO AVOID THOSE UNECESSSARY BLAME GAMES. Unless there are witnesses, nobody can prove murder or as to who are the real drug users and pushers. It will remain a black mark on the campaigners. This is crucial and might have a long-term effect in the future.

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