Duterte: turned between two lovers: NDF & USA

One does not have to be a diplomat in order to be a statesman. Like one does not have to go to school and study etiquette in order to be a person of good manners. It is a matter of good or bad breeding. It is inherent to the culture and character of a person. If that is how a tree is planted, so will its fruits be.

Duterte has an internal problem:

He is turned between two lovers. The left and the right. See, nobody can serve two masters. He has very close leftist friends in the palace, whom we know, and he also wants to retain USA support. A very tall order. He wants oil and water to mix at the same time. A utopia?

Moreover, we have the Abu Sayaf Group and ISIS, plus the Mindanao sessessionists by muslims. The man has problems on his left, his right and center. Pity the man. Im sure Duterte wants out now ug pwede lang.

That is why he is trying to drama the people and the world, because he wants to reach a balance between the left and the right who are is friends. But his ways are still crude. He needs finesse. Time will heal.

Observe him: first he attacks, then he apologizes. Then he resumes attack, then softens. Poor guy, he is good, but he needs good advisers, one that is also a balanced person. He has more leftist around than rightists. Parang galit sa mundo ang tao. But behind it all, I can see that Diggong is a loving person, and compassionate to the oppressed and wounded.

The modern-day war is fought in cyber space not in the battle field. He can be assassinated via the “eye in the sky” satellite and nobody knows who did it. Could be CIA, the Mossad, the KGB, or ISIS or the Abus.

He has to temper his moves, or keep his moves close to is chest so nobody will know how to counter his moves.

If he wants a balanced diplomatic relations between the left and the right and center, he has to keep it cool and confidential at times. He cannot go “wild or wang yu” because he is a leader not a follower.

“I will go to China, I will go to Russia”, that is clumsy and childish statement. If you do think of doing that, you do not announce it publicly. Otherwise their enemies will plot things against you.

Maunahan ka pa. So I guess, RRD will amend that statement and say he will go as a tourist and not train as a foot soldier of the Chinese.

For me the best negotiator about these things is still Fidel Ramos. He is expert in psy war and backdoor diplomacy. See, you don’t hear about Ramos in China now. But he is busy in the backdoor working. He is even telling the US not to mind Duterte for the moment.

Three people have many things in common and their names are Trump, Duterte and Leila. Try to see what are things that they have in common. Colorful, as Barak decribes them.

A statesman says bad things in a nice way. A diplomat only says good things but means the opposite. If you are neither of these two, better study your options first before opening your mouth.

You know why I like Duterte, no president has spoken the language and the mind of the massa ever since. He is a masssa. He hates elitist and oligarchs. The massa in the Philippines are angry. So is he.

They are fighting the old and corrupt system. It has reached its boiling point, because past presidents did not have the balls to face and tackle and solve the problem. Now it is so big like a giant octopus. And Duterte is fighting it like Don Quijote. (not Monching ha ha)

We have been ruled too long by oligarchs , elitists and hypocrites both from the government and the Church. Duterte is angry like the many ordinary Filipino. The difference is: Rudy is president. And now, he has to act as president, not as a canto boy. And He has no choice.

THAT is his problem: HE HAS NO CHOICE. And worse, he does not (yet) know how to do it. Remember, he is just 100 days old, or 3 months of infancy as president.

So what can you expect? Maayo na gani ni, kay sa uban . Our only prayer is that Diggong develop a mature sense of decorum as a president. He too must CHANGE—for the better.

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