Easier to accuse, harder to prove

In a democratic space like ours in the Philippines, it is easier to raise an accusing finger against someone, but it is harder to prove the same unless it is of public knowledge, and the bar of public opinion will be among its accusers.

Last Tuesday, five former and current generals of the Police hierarchy were among those initially named by President Duterte as cuddling or protecting drug lords, meaning they were allegedly on the take of the millions of drug money. And have their lifestyles changed?

This public extrajudicial indictment of the five generals of the police is a high-impact move of the President in his widely supported drive to eradicate drugs in the streets which we know NO ONE would dare not to support. Yes, we all support this drive of the president who took the lead which other leaders dared not.

Here is a president who does not (yet) have private interests to protect considering his age too, at 70, people believe he is now out to make legacy for himself, to clean up the nation that is why Duterte overthrew the millions that funded his opponents, with a resounding victory.

(we cannot help but make a micro-comparison in this province that this current governor who made history of over a hundred thousand votes majority is a clear voice of the people that they are fed up with the old elitist, feudal non-massa system. But Degamo has yet to prove his worth like getting exonerated with finality in his record-breaking graft case of P480-million which is still hanging over his head, saved by the TRO that gave him temporary liberty.)

Going back to the beleaguerd generals whose family reputations are now unmistakably damaged almost irreparably, their accusers should be equipped with enough evidence so that CREDIBILITY will have a high-impact on the historic indictment. Never before have generals in the police been accused of big-time drug coddling. If Duterte makes good in proving this, then he can do it again and again. No problem. Just give justice to their reputations.

Filipinos as clannish. Once their clans are in hot waters, their families are out to vindicate them. Unless, again, the accusation is true and proven. The clan will also condemn their own kin for destroying their reputation. If not, then, it will also have a big backlash, and nobody will believe the next batch of bigtime accusation anymore. So this time, the five generals’ misdeeds MUST BE PROVEN BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT as drug coddlers otherwise, this government will have a credibility problem next time around.

Make no mistake, WE ARE ALL SUPPORTIVE of this development. It’s just that this historic accusation must first be proven before more accusations will be made. Sometimes critics say that those killed extra judicially were condemned without proof, only the killers claim they have(the proof), but democratically, it is not acceptable. It is almost sure that not all those killed deserve to be killed.

Sometimes they say that ”better free one guilty man than jail, and worse, kill an innocent person.”

Therefore, Duterte’s government must do better than just killing suspected criminals, which is their common threat and utterances. Killings might work some few times, but not all the time. Time will come when people will also do the same if much killings are unjustified. That is just how the law of Physics works.

So let it be.

Let the five generals defend themselves and prove their accusers wrong, and for the accusers prove their indictment right. That is just how democracy works. Short of that, we have anarchy, where Murphy’s law will prevail, or, back to the wild wild west. May God’s justice (over and above man’s justice) prevail.

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