Lost bulletproof vests, now: lost food for poor!

First it was the lost police bulletproof vests worth P300.000 which are still vanished in thin air and nobody is looking hard enough for it, except perhaps congressman Chiquiting. Let’s help him locate it. Bimbo too should help look for it.

Now it’s a dump truck full of donated food for calamity and disaster evacuation food that are lost. But these can be found dumped upon DSWD orders at the dumpsite in Candau-ay. The payloader driver Julie can attest to it that he was the one ordered to dump it. Let Alan Gel and Joe Ken and Manny Arb join the search. Julie can locate the spot for them. He just did tell us when we got there Thursday.

Strange but these very precious food like sacks of rice, canned goods, sardines, bottled water, all for emergency evacuation have “expired” and were better thrown away. How irresponsible!

If preserved well in the proper place, like the City renting a warehouse, those emergency food stuffs should have been still good to go, by now. It was dumped in Sept 2 daw.

There seems to be a common culture for people in general, (with a few exceptions) working in government: nobody seems to care, because nobody owns it in particular but the people in general.

Mayor Ipe Remollo should now create an inventory body maybe from the general services office GSO, to inventory things owned by the people inside city hall.

Otherwise, things will just get lost inside city hall, nobody would know , nobody would care. About time a specific person should be assigned and keep an inventory of things aside from the GSO stuffs.

With thousands of drug users arrested , and with their “brains sunk” after using shabu for a year, and beyond rehabilitation, then what shall government do to those affected?—if we were to follow Pres Duterte’s assessment.

There is some logic in Duterte’s flirting with China and Russia. You see, the Philippines is too dependent on the U.S. we are almost taken for granted, if not ignored. So we flirt with China and Russia just to awaken the eyes of the U.S. that we are not their puppets.

That is our understanding of an independent foreign policy.

See the U.S. is not really helping us on the China sea issue except for old rhetoric’s. Why? Because the U.S. is also indebted to China by the trillions of dollars. So whom are you kidding?

It’s always “mine first, yours later if at all.”

Listening to his talk with Filipinos in Vietnam, Diggong is really credible to the masses everywhere. It cannot be ignored. We just hope his romance with the masses will last. If it lasts, he can be president forever.

At the rate old administrations were playing double standard of justice, one for the rich and one for the poor, a personality like Diggon Duterte will surely be a savior like a knight in shining armor.

Filipinos have long been waiting for justice for the poor. Never mind the justice for the rich, they can always buy justice, so they say as Diggong exposed. Even Roel Degamo believes in this. So does Ipe Remollo. (how much more!)

Well, as usual, inheritors always inherit the clean and dirty lenins of the predecessors. That is a given. Look at Delima, she is inheriting the heartaches of Gloria who also got it from Delima.

That is what Damian my new friend tells me: you must clean up your own universe and backyard. You cannot let others do it for you. Clean it, and the whole neighborhood will follow suit and get contaminated.

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