Noisy Motorbikes out; Electric trikes soon-in

A newly amended and fine tuned ordinance geared towards stopping illegal and noisy motorcycles in the city streets is now being fast-tracked by city councilors.

At the same time, another ordinance is forthcoming prescribing the use of locally assembled electric tricycles in Dumaguete and no longer allow those old cranky decades old and rusty tricycles to operate in designated areas.

This environment-friendly and tourism promoter electric-tricycles will soon become the new “sleek -running kind king of the road.” There are about 5000 moving old tricycles in Dumaguete and around 25,000 motorcycles plus the more than 35,000 daily commuters at as given time. The city has over 150,000 residents in all.


Authored by Councilors-lawyers Karissa Tolentino, Joe Kenneth Arbas and Michael Bandal, the soon-to-be-reinforced ordinance against noisy motorcycles is intended to legally pressure its owners to reinstall silencers which they purposely removed for their own purpose and to the prejudice of the entire community, especially among senior citizens.

The authors speaking over LUPAD DUMAGUETE pubic affairs program aired over DYEM FM BAI RADIO 8-9am said:

“Owners of noisy motorcycles will be treated equally in that all of them once apprehended will be subjected to the following:

1. Immediate towing to designated impounding places and can be claimed only when the owner installs silencers and pay the reasonable fines.

2. When inspected by enforcers, once they see a parked motorbike with a replaced or tampered muffler with a noisy exhaust pipe, the tanods will immediately have the motorbike towed to a city junkyard , claimable by the owner himself , after paying the reasonable fines and installing replacements silencers made by the owner.

3. The city’s six lawyers-councilors said they are ready to prepare ready answers and counter charges to a possible deluge of complaints of hard-to-change traditional drivers and operators; and;

4. Assisting the legal backers of the city will be volunteers from all law schools in the city, and coordinated by the Silliman Salonga Law Center;

5. This new phase in the tricycle business will also give the go-signal to let electric tricycles be the new “king of the road” by allowing easy-term installments among those operators who will trade-in their old units, plus no down payment for a new electric tricycle and easy-daily amortizations.

There will be color coding among electric-tricycle routes so that there will be equitable distribution of tricycle routes for the public, especially that very soon, more commercial and government centers will open in the hinterland barrios.

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