On Acquittal, plagiarisms surveys and Oplan Wagtang

Four big significant not-so-common occur rences happened during the week from all over. First, the over 6,000 “returnees” from drugs in Negros Oriental in one week; the acquittal of Pres. GMA Arroyo; the now-famous plagiarisms of Melania Trump; and the need to rehab the victims or beneficiaries of Oplan “wagtang”.

First the continued rise of “returnees” from drug use and push all over this province. That only over 600 “returned” from drugs in Dumaguete is just incredible considering what Looc and Daro barangay officials believe Dumaguete has no less than 6000 users and pushers minimum at the moment. Only 10% came back –returned, or surrendered to the police. Where are the others?

Of course they are just around. So why aint the police toktoking them, or just waiting for them to “return?”

Some significant highlights of the GMA Arroyo acquittal:

1. De Lima: why acquit only now? Mendoza: you see, acquittal was long over due, why only now? Tama! Correct!

2. GMA was unjustly punished, nobody can return the four years of her life lost in that hospital jail. There is as law that punishes those who unjustly imprison an innocent person, diba Franco?

3. Ombudswoman Morales: we had all the volumes of evidence, why did the Supreme Court acquit Arroyo?

Answer by Atty Estelito Mendoza: of the volumes of “evidence” vs Arroyo, not a single evidence showed that Arroyo benefited or received a single centavo of the covered amount. So where is the graft? Tama ! Correct! That is why she was acquitted, “darling….”

There is as new term for plagiarism: COPY/ PASTE

How can the speech writer of Melania Trump be so clumsy to copy words and phrases of Mischelle Obama in the same occasion of an electoral covnentioni? Sobra na pud na!

At least, the writer should have copied/pasted famous quotes rather than an existing first lady to be uttered by an aspiring one. Pagak butola!

I can just imagine how embarrassed Melania or Trump is when the whole world feasted on the plagiarized statements by his wife Melania.

This is the first time the Republican convention is massively divided. Many are openly campaigning against Trump and the network and social media is feasting on it, all over the world.

So Manny Pacman the Senator is missing his first love: the boxing ring. He will fight again on Nov 4 just after all souls and saints day. Senate will be on a holiday recess. And the Pacman , what a way to enjoy his holiday: earning million in a place he love most: the boxing arena. The only risk factor of Pacquiao if he drops and loses, and maybe that will be the time boxing hero will hang his gloves.

Remember, when you’re up, you have no other place to go, than……down. That is the law of gravity and physics. Inevitable. Universal.

The only way not to drop and lose, is to quit. The best way is to quit... ON TIME.

Finally, 91% is the highest acceptance rating a president has gotten in history and that is President Duterte. GMA got only 52% acceptance when she assumed; PNOy 85%.

Reason: timing.

The country’s masses needed a strong leader who delivers. The masses problem are drugs, unsolved killings, injustice, palakasan, election cheating, and corruption.

NAKAMAO is Duterte: he PRECISELY picked up these problems and promised solutions if elected, nya GIPAKAPINAN: or he will step down if he fails. Reverse Psychology made the man win! The rest lost because they were TRADPOLS, traditional politicians, LUOD NA!

Duterte was radical: he played with good marketing skills: he said he did not need nor want the position; he said he was not running; he said he cannot win because he is poor; he said he is just a mayor with no experience; MOST OF ALL: he promised to KILL all criminals, drug addicts and corrupt military men or resign in 6 months. In short, he sported the role of the underdog, and the tradpols forgot that FILIPINOS LOVE THE UNDERDOG!

Most of all he delivered—— so far: 20,000 surrendered or turned away from drugs; 400 criminal suspects (who resisted kono!) were killed; 5 military generals accused of drug cuddling; IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH IN OFFICE! LIMAN KA!

That’s why the people gave him a 91% super passing grade! Gov Degamo was right after all, just win the masses to your side and nobody can defeat you! Hastas Roel nakamao! By the way, that is the slogan of Mao.

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