PMA to stick to old rules of engagement

The entire cadet corps of the Philippine Military Academy will uphold and follow the old rules of engagement in the wake of the current upheavals of summary executions and killings in the fight against illegal drug trafficking.

Two senior and graduating cadets of the PMA the premier military academy in the country, who hail from Negros Oriental told the CHRONICLE that while it is the judgement call of all law enforcers to determine whose life is in danger in pursuit of a mission order, the primary concern is to spare civilian collateral damage, and to preserve the law enforcers life if threatened by an armed and dangerous suspect.

The two graduating PMA cadets are 2Lt Mc Cataylo and 2Lt John Silva of class 2016. The hail from Siaton and La Libertad respectively. They admitted that when left alone in a mission, nobody is a witness whether the rules of engagement is followed,. It is now up to the deep conscience of the law enforcers who pulls the trigger ahead of the suspect has shown signs of resistance.

The PMA said, is supporting their commander in chief through and through in all his legal orders. But no PMA cadet or graduate will ever preserve oneself at the expense of others. The two were with the PMA team of entrance exam officers led by Major Valenzuela who will conduct PMA entrance examinations today at the NORSU main campus. Qualified to take are those male or female between 17yrs and 25yrs old , natural born Filipino, single, high school graduate and willing to take and pass the PMA entrance examination like the one being held today.

It is wise for the city mayor and the super majority in the city council to lead in the voluntary random drug test in city hall so that the rank and file may follow. Is mandatory drug testing an infringement of oneís privacy? Itís like asking: would you want a case filed before the police arrests one suspectí en flagrante on drugs?

The army is pulling out temporarily from Negros to Mindanao to fight the abu sayaffs. How does one become a terrorist? Mostly they are bandits at first, or a fugitive of the law. They make a living by extortion and blackmail. Soon they join a terrorist group. If they are not stopped, they will become indeed terrorists and wave all kinds of flags. Stop pit now.

City hall will soon replace 44 blue guards hired by the old administration. The issue is: will the private security company pay for loses and damages in city hall during their watch? Sometimes, official cars are punctured, and damaged while parking inside city hall. Will the security company be responsible? That will be the major basis for re-hiring a new security agency inside city hall with a budget of about P3M a year.

Surprise but our new city council holds prolonged sessions when there are only 3 oppositionists. Of course they want to exhaust all the angles of an issue. Soon, the city council will hold weekly sessions morning and afternoon so they can be off at 5pm for the sake of the staff who are not reportedly paid over time.

Looks like Dumaguete will set aside the possibility of a sanitary landfill in Dobdob Valencia jointly with the LGU there. Since here is another company offering a garbage- to-fuel deal . Which means, all the firm is asking 300 tons of garbage without cost, and in return they will convert it to fuel that will propel vehicles. Of course the firm will sell the fuel since the city will not pay them cent. Sounds a good deal and too good to be true. Letís see.

In the case of the suspended vice mayor, ABC president and GSO official of Tanjay, they will be off for 90 days without pay.

Good they were slapped a penalty for slight misconduct only. The VM cannot invoke the Aguinaldo doctrine by virtue of his election since he is not removed from office but merely suspended, said the Ombudsman. The acting vice mayor of Tanjay is now first councilor Jovencio Bumanlag who took his oath last August 17.

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