Presidency uses reverse psychology; study him well

The presidency is an office, not a person. Therefore, one who occupies such position is expected to behave and act in what is expected of that position.

Our president is fast learning the ball game, but apparently he is still a little slow since from mayor for two decades, and suddenly to president the pace is planets apart. There are no miracles here.

He is just testing unfamiliar waters. He uses reverse psychology.

But let the people assure this man Digong that he has so far the support of the people.——until it hurts. We pity his apologists whom we are sure are having a hard time defending their boss too.

I can just imagine the grip mr D makes on his people.

We are not kids not to distinguish between self defense and a rub out. Self defense is when the law enforcer’s life is in clear and present (not imagined) danger. Yes, he can defend his life for life here. But when a drug suspect is carrying a gun but has not even fired it, who is in danger here? The police or the drug victim?

When Duterte took over in July 1, there was no more time for most law enforcers in the frontlines to study and know the clear and present danger rule in a bust operation.150,000 of them were just thrown into the water to STOP drug trafficking. So expect bungles along the way. Nobody’s perfect. And in a reality check, there will always be collateral damage.

But what pushes the police to think and be careful in their mission ,—— is an alert and vigilant citizenry. If nobody raises a voice in protest and big and loud enough, as one big community, there will always be abuses in the killings and nothing will be new as before, as now, in the future and… as it was in the beginning... is now and ever shall be.

Where are the netizens, the church, the ultra right, the cause oriented groups, human rights people, are they afraid of Duterte? They should take further study on “reverse psychology” to be able to understand Digong.

But as we said before, you may fool the people some of the time, but you cannot fool the people all the time. Somehow, there will be breaking point and everything will be neutralized. Including the reverse psyhologists.

Funny, but Gina Lopez may be taken for a ride, or Digong is, or is it the other way around. Imagine, ABS CBN which is owned by Gina’s in-laws is now covering Duterte thru Gina like anything. Even the lousiest public affairs value programs are aired nationwide. What is this?

Soon ANC will go down the ratings, and CNN Philippines will rise anew.

Can you imagine off-mike, off-the-cup lunch conference is aired nationwide? Prime time pa?

That’s the problem when owners who are not broadcasters and who poke their fingers on the ball game as if they are the experts.

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