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SP probes reminder of House-DOJ peek

The current investigations of both the failed but still workable heavy equipment issue slammed against the Remollo administration, and the P3Million aid-for-poor in the form of free electrical installation which lasted until election season must serve as a lesson of past excesses of local governments who pride themselves as awardees of the seal of good governance from DILG.

Where they got this brand of good governance is something we has yet to be explained. But whose and what standard is that kind of good governance that is coupled with graft? We have yet to know.

For 15 years the city used the controversial equipment for public works. When election week came, suddenly the equipment were branded as a product of graft and no longer usable. When the Remollo administration took over, the said equipment suddenly became workable and usable . In fact it sped up the beach volleyball leveling work. Somebody who lied under oath is liable for perjury very soon.

Now here comes this multi million assistance for electrical installation for indigent homes. Why did the vice mayor sign in behalf of the mayor who is the executive officer? No authority for him to do that was given. Everybody is now washing their hands for any accountability. Someone has to answer that before the Ombudsman.

Otherwise, city funds will continue to be stolen at the expense of the taxpayers and without anyone being held responsible.

This reminds us of the House-probe on DOJ Sec. now senator Leila Delima. Almost everyone in the Housel threw everything including the kitchen sink so to speak, upon Delima on the Bilibid drug scam. She was virtually judged guilty by the House.

Here comes Delima challenging any House member to file the case in court so she can answer and defend herself. Nobody would dare file the case. Why not if the evidence is very strong? Nobody is filing the formal case. So what was the investigation for? Just to destroy Delima of course.

Now Delima is seeking redress in Court and is filing an unprecedented case against the President vis a vis his immunity from suit privilege.

It is an exciting case to watch and follow up.





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