Abatement of Nuisance

The Sanggunian majority and the City administration are one in fasttracking an air-tight ordinance, of towing outright, noisy motorcycles that fit into their forthcoming legislation that will outright establish a prima facie evidence as such , hopefully to gain an effective enforcement of the new law.

The forthcoming specific ordinance now being fine-tuned by the city councilors, will cover both parked and moving noisy motorcycles. When caught parked in public places, traffic enforcers will simply call the task force units to tow motorbikes with tampered mufflers and without silencers and brought to an impounding area. The main issue is a tampered muffler without silencers that produces noisy sound when running.

There, at the impounding areas, the owners will be given a chance to air their side and disprove the charges. If they contest the findings, a case will immediately be filed mandating its immediate and further impounding, and only to be released when the proper muffler and silencer is installed so as not to become a public nuisance. If possible, there will be no fines, but proper silencers are required to be installed at the expense of the owner prior to its release from the impounding area. Otherwise, the tampered motorcycle will stay impounded, until all requirements of the law are complied with.

It is about time the City Government show political will in this much-abused mal-practice of driving around noisy motor-bikes. Itís now way past tolerence level. Noisy motorbikes are nuisances per se, thus, the law must abate or stop these nuisance. It is part of police power of the City.

For possible harassment suits filed by motor bike owners, the City legal office will be ready to file the necessary counter charges in simple but immediate templates so that even volunteer lawyers and law students can handle the cases.

If these strategies will still fail, then what good are six lawyers in the Sanggunian?

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