City hall-Capitol unity

Let’s just say that they have different political agenda including different levels of style in governance, but the People are glad that city hall and capitol are now getting a kind of unity we have long missed.

Looking at things in a higher perspective, Heaven has always a way of putting things back in order. The return of Ipe Remollo to city hall after 15 years enabled him to gather enough highstakes contacts in Manila that can spur speedy development for Dumaguete. Already on his second week three big investors have already visited and talked with city hall for investments in garbage disposal, traffic , and housing.

Mayor Remollo who was shoved off by the local LP leadership for political jealousy or insecurity was instead welcomed by Gov Degamo and Mayor Duterte who is IPE’s long-time cousin in the Veloso clan. This set up would also speed up the restoration of order in this crime-anddrug –ridden city. A special Duterte team for change is coming over to Dumaguete shortly.

Very timely is the victory of VP Leni Robredo whose Manila legal circle ties with IPE Remollo has now in the pipeline a 3-story model condo-type quarters for Looc squatters, victims of the election- eve fire in Looc.

Before Ateneo classmate Butch Abad left his DBM office, IPE Remollo was able to make a quick visit to him, and secured around P500-M for funding a new city hall building and funds to convert the old city hall into a museum under the Historical Commission, whose team already inspected the site.

Remollo has not even touched a single centavo of the city budget for this year’s development. See the blessing if one turns a good leaf to another. The political rift in the past has indeed turned out to be a big blessing for this city and the province, including the speedy TRO that “saved” the day for Degamo, which partly earned the city P45M in annual assistance from the province.

All we need to do now is to take our time and implement the initial accomplishments even on month-One of the new administration.

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