Convenience of the Rule of Law

The forthcoming burial of the body of the late president Marcos in the libingan ng mga bayani and the spate of 600 extrajudicial killings nationwide in the wake of the antidrug campaign circle around the paradoxical views on the rule of law.

One hand, oppositors to the Marcos burial say that the late dictator was top violator of the rule of law under martial rule while those supporting the burial at the tomb of heroes say that for thirty years the entire Marcos estate was under litigation and claimants have only been partially successful even under the rule of law.

In short, the cry for justice from the Marcoses has always been subjected to the rule of law yet no one was convicted not even the mastermind in the murder of Ninoy Aquino. So what kind of justice or the rule of law was applied on these cases?

In another vein, the lady chief justice call for issuance of prior warrants of arrests on drug users and pushers came of the fore when president Duterte lashed at the lady chief justice saying that the very justice system delays the issuance of warrants while the war on drugs cannot be delayed any longer. Duterte told the lady chief justice that if there were human and civil rights violations in his anti drug campaign style, the courts of law are the places to turn to, but so far no lower court has filed a single case against it.

These are trying times, the country has never experienced this kind of cleansing ever in history. So we might as well learn the good and the bad lessons in it while everything is still fresh among the people who want to believe that no one should be above the law including those who are suppose to enforce the rules.

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