Enter rehab stage

The city government is wasting no time in seeking possible rehabilitation of its over 9,717 towns city returnees and who swore to voluntarily leave the habit of the drug menace.

This is the more difficult part: how to keep them away from returning to drugs. They must have wholesome diversions, acitivites that will attract their attention. This developed as local experts and stakeholders opine that Dumaguete has a minimum of 5000 drug users or more, who sport the wait and see attitude.

We believe that the police and informers plus boarding house landladies, have reported their names, including those inside student dormitories and boarding houses of yuppies.

The police is walking the extra mile but time will come when they will be raided per marching orders of the President. They will be arrested, charged and convicted with evidence. They have to stop college or work if they land in jail.

Duterte himself a lawyer and former prosecutor will fund the legal arm of the police to legal battle even up to the Supreme Court. Rich drug users will be using high caliber lawyers who will also be matched by the soon to be formed Dutertelegal team.

Similarly the concerns of netizens is how to handle the ex-drug users and pushers so that they will not return to their old vice.

There are several options raised by Mayor Remollo:

1. Conduct regular lectures on values and regular sumba exercises to be held at the South City Elem. Gym and grounds; attendance will be strictly monitored;

2. Utilize two classrooms at Norsu campuses in this city and towns

3. Invite experts to conduct lectures and de-briefing on returnees with close monitoring on absences.

Which ever ways, the returnees have to be rehabilitated otherwise, they will return to their old vice , as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

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