Just return the damn thing

The case of the lost ten or six brand new bullet proof vests donated by a taxpayer in the United States for the anti-crime use by the Dumaguete police is now in the hands of you guessed it——the police itself.

The city council blue ribbon committee headed by Councilor Michael Bandal is joined by his colleagues in declaring that the days of witch hunting as to where the vests worth P300,000 are, should now be investigated as a police matter. Somebody should now file a report to the police blotter and let the police do its investigation, as the party in interest.

Shortly the city council after asking help from ex-Mayor now Rep Sagarbarria because he apparently and ceremoniously received the vests in his office thus, his office repeat,— the office, not the person, should be responsible and accountable, not for its loss but for its return.

Regardless of being a paperless donation, the items were publicly received, complete with media coverage, thus, it should be returned by those who held them last. Nobody even knows city hall’s protocol on donations such as this. Therefore, this should be a lesson learned. Who knows , somebody in the future might donate a tourist bus——only to vanish in thin air?

Finally, we have information that the missing bullet proof vests are just within the custody of a certain public official and has given overtures to hand it over to the police department “silently” with no offense meant.

Well, so be it. No hiss, no fuss. Just give it back.

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