Marcos burial

Why is the Marcos burial creating so much controversy?

What can a dead and his body do to solve the problems of the nation? Will burying or not burying the Marcos body solve or even, make any difference at all, as to the cases of the torture victims, ill gotten wealth, summary killings, salvagings and corruption ? No it will not. Therefore, burying this human carcass beautifully crafted in wax, will not make or unmake the state of things in this part of the world.

Worse, if the protestors were given their way, it will create a bad precedence. If Marcos body is not buried at the LMB then how much more those with similar or worse records, in the future, when their time will come?

So, Duterte will never allow protestors of the Marcos burial to have their way because future leaders’ own burials when the time comes, will again be put in jeopardy, including the burials of future controversial leaders.

On the spiritual point of view, those protesting members of the clergy should be the last to promote un-forgiveness, and closure of things. In fact Christianity, and all over the Bible, the spirit of forgiveness is all enshrined and reigns supreme. Who is man so as not to forgive …and forget? In fact Christ dying on the cross was the supreme example of forgiveness of one enemies. Who is man to undo this Christian virtue of forgiveness.

In fairness someone should also write about the good things Marcos did for this country, like rural electrification, the ports authority, the Cooperative Code, the Family Code, youth participation in government, and so many legal reforms like the Anti Estafa law, among others in fairness.

These people in the streets protesting against the Marcos burial mostly were not yet born during Marcos time. But some have relatives victims of injustice. Therefore, the motive is personal . Many were jealous of Marcos and his ill-gotten wealth.

Well whatever happened to the rule of law? All Marcos cases are now under litigation in the Philippine courts and our very own justice system is delaying the resolution of these cases. All Marcos properties are now sequestered by government thru PCGG. TheMarcos family cannot touch a centavo of its money until now because they are under litigation. The body itself of Marcos is not under litigation, therefore it should now be placed where it belongs, six feet under the ground so to speak. In the meantime, all cases against Marcos will continue, so what is the problem? Eventually justice will be served with or without the body of the late dictator.

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