On traffic & garbage mess

The City Government is now focusing on both the traffic mess and the worsening garbage situation in this capital city. They all need both quickfix or medium or long-term solutions.

Rightly so, the government is focusing first on the doables, quick-fix strategies. What are these doables?

Doables include the No-Parking rule along national highways. Partly implemented although with pockets of resistance (to change.)

Public and private schools must exemplify road set-backs, meaning, they opt to move their fences further inside to give way to car and motorbike parks without disturbing the highway.

Then the rerouting of big cargo trucks so as not to block choke points in downtown. Big cargo trucks most now travel far away from the downtown, like in Larena Drive; the Rovira has to accommodate those big trucks; opening of new road (long overdue) at the creek area at north city limit straight , from Bantayan post straight at the Balay Dalangpan of Bantayan.

The long term solution is road widening and opening so as to cut short travel time from downtown to south or north.

As to the dumpsite solution, the ultimate is for the PPP firm to put up a garbage- filled multi-product factory that will be their challenge, unto the future.

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